Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Maligned Get Their Due

I do my fair share of bitching about my children here, and in real life.

I do that because I have a sarcastic nature and see the humor in what they do, good and bad. I think that anyone who knows me is aware of how much I adore all three of my kids and their amazing little personalities.

I know that I tend to write more about their struggles and assholery than their everyday awesomeness.

I hope when I write that my love for them comes across. I can't tell you how many times Alex and I are sitting around at night and one of us will say, "You know who I love?"

The answer, of course, is Sam. Or Jack. Or Quinn. Or all three of them.

They're cool kids, and I love every part of them, no matter how many times I call them psychotic jerks.

I leave you with these:

You know who I love?


  1. Perfect. And how could we not know who you love? I think it's never been anything less than obvious.

  2. Your love for those kids just radiates from the page. (But of course, I come from a family where insults count as a love language, so you'll have to take my opinion for what it's worth.)

  3. No one who's ever read your blog could possibly doubt how much you love your family.

    My husband and I do the same thing, "You know who I love? Oscar."

  4. Oh, well, thanks for clearing THAT mystery up! I was really worried about those kids, you know... LOL.

    Silly, Stimey; if you didn't love them you wouldn't spend so much time capturing their funny little personalities for us!

  5. It's easy to see how much you adore your kids. By the way, I love the blankets in the last picture.


  6. Was there ever any doubt? For real?

  7. I was at my nephew's party this weekend and this woman came up to me and said "are you Jake's mom?" and I was all "maybe."

    And she told me that her 2 year old daughter hadn't gotten any candy from the pinata and Jake gave her ALL his.

    Of course when I write about this I'll be all "why was my 10 year old near the pinata with 2 year olds anyway?" Poor kid gets no respect.

    PS: This wasn't supposed to be your blog, was it?

    xoxo, SG

  8. so cute!
    I love good stuff :)

  9. I love the skinny little arms in that last picture.

  10. I'm tearing up--and no, I'm not being sarcastic. I, too, often spend an inordinate amount of blog time bitchin' about the kids or laughing at some foible or other of theirs. But they are my life, my loves. Thanks for the reminder to put that out there more often, too.

  11. Sweet!

    We also sleep nightly with some DK animal-related book!


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