Sunday, September 7, 2008

Things That Happened Today

My kids seem to think that if they play with water, the ice cream truck will come.

Here they are, post-squirt gun battle, waiting for the truck to magically appear.

It didn't.

I stood in the middle of the road taking photos, as I am wont to do, and yelled, "Who wants ice cream?!"

'Cause I'm kinda mean that way.

Alex and I were nice enough to take them out for ice cream. Because that truck wasn't coming.


Alex worked really hard today turning a perfectly harmless step to nowhere...

...into an actively dangerous construction site.

This has been his dumbass project for a while now. He finally had to rent a jackhammer to break apart these concrete steps that were apparently made of the strongest cement known to human kind.

He worked really hard.

I'll let you know *cough*next year*cough* when he gets around to removing the rubble.


Random Fact #1: I sit in front of the computer a lot.

Random Fact #2: Even if it's really warm, chances are that I am very cold and huddled underneath a blanket.

Today my fantabulous friend L brought me a gorgeous lap blanket that she knitted all by herself, thus solving the problems brought on by those random facts from above.

Isn't it beautiful?

I'm sitting under it right now.


Things That Happened Yesterday:

I took a five-hour nap. For real.


  1. Must be national nap day. I did too!

  2. I haven't slept five straight hours OVERNIGHT in several months, so you have NO IDEA how jealous I am of your nap. Seriously, J.E.A.L.O.U.S.

  3. Add me to the Nap club. I took a 3 hour one and then couldn't fall asleep until 2am.

    xoxo, SG

  4. I haven't actually sat on the curb, willing the ice cream truck to come. I'd rather do that inside where no one can see me.

  5. My son has similar theories about the ice cream truck. Something about sitting on the bench on the front porch wearing sandals...

    Oh, and I napped yesterday too! (What w/ all that rain, what else was there to do?)

  6. I didn't take a nap, but was able to sleep in until 10:00 yesterday. Yeah for long naps in the afternoon!!

    Now I'm off to find the ice cream in the freezer. I had forgotten it was there until I read your post.


  7. beautiful blanket! Yay for friends!

  8. We seem to be involved with a lot of similar, equally important projects around here. I firmly believe it's just an excuse to rent a jackhammer.

    The boys will have a grand time stacking the rubble, though, right?

  9. Water ... ice cream, water ... ice cream .. damn that's Pavlovian!

    And by "inoffensive step" I'm guessing you and Alex had different opinions on what needed to be done with it? :)

    Okay, I need to join the club too. My nap wasn't quite 2 hours. Really must have been the day for it!

  10. Oh - and it really IS a beautiful blanket. Obviously made by a very nice and skilled friend.

  11. Is Quinn NOT wearing yellow? Or a cape? I must have missed something big!

  12. I always joke tht my husband won't undertake any home improvement projects that don't require him to purchase a new tool. He seems to find the need to buy new tools for even the smallest task, for example, chaning a light bulb. "Well, I'll need to go to home depot to get a new drill bit and a hoe and a chain saw to do that," and I'm like, "But, IT'S A LIGHT BULB." And then he does half the project and leave the rest for sometime in the impossible to forsee future.


  13. Ok, I'm stunned by the nap. Wow, 5 hours! And I'm cracking up about the playing in the water waiting for the ice cream truck!!! That's hysterical.

  14. I'm not talking to you because of your five hour nap. In this home, that's called a night's sleep for ma. And remember to update about that pile of rubble a year from now. It would be outside this home for two years minimum if SB was the one to hammer it away.


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