Friday, December 19, 2008

Making Friends and Watching Trains

We made our annual pilgrimage to the train exhibit at our local nature center this week. Except we might have to go back because Jack was at school when we went and he loves him some train exhibit.

Quinn also loves train exhibits, so although there wasn't any running around trying to keep my children from climbing on the tracks (like last year with Jack), there was a lot of grinning and studious watching.

There was also some chatting up of the ladies.

Quinn watched the trains for a long time and then said he wanted to go home. I pointed out that there were tracks he hadn't even seen yet on the other side of the room, so he wandered over to the opposite walkway, where I watched him from the bench on which I sat.

I tell you, it's a different story going somewhere with Quinn and going somewhere with Sam, Jack, and Quinn. Just Quinn is kind of restful.

Anyway, once he got to the other side of the room, I watched him trying to chat with one of the men who is with the train group that sets up the exhibit. The man would listen for a minute, then he would sidle away. Then Quinn would follow him. And talk some more. Then the man would sidle away.

Eventually the man started talking to a woman who was taking photographs of the trains. Evidently this woman was more willing to chat because Quinn immediately switched allegiances and started talking to her.

The woman would take a few photos in one place, then move to another spot, sit down, and take more photos. Quinn would follow her and then sit down criss-cross-applesauce right next to her. She would take some photos and then show them to him on her camera screen.

She was smiling too, so I figured he wasn't bugging her too much.

He followed her all around the room.

And then he took some of his own photos with my camera. Here are a couple of examples. I hope the woman's photos were better.

We were in that one room for an hour and a half before Quinn got bored.

We're thinking that instead of going back here, we might take them to the bigger train exhibit in DC this weekend instead. I'm a little afraid though that Quinn's head might just explode from joy. Jack's too, probably.


  1. omg, I was going to ask if you'd ever been to the exhibit at the botanical gardens (it's AMAZING!!) and then you linked to it. So yeah - definitely go. We've been the past couple years and it's mind-blowing cool, though I don't think the kids quite understand how incredible is to have everything out of natural materials.

  2. Oooh cool! There's a good train display at the College Park Airport Museum too. Through the 20th.

  3. 'Tis the weekend (and season) for boys and trains, apparently! You guys, Kristen and GP in NY, and we're going here tomorrow with Nik:

    Ear infection, ear inschmection! ;-)

  4. Why have I never been there? Oh, I wish I were one of Stimey's kids... they get to have all the fun!

  5. Quinn? Relaxing? Amazing how different only one at a time is, huh?

  6. OMG, Brookside!!!! DH and I were married there, in the large, main gazebo near the grape vines! We go there every year to see the lights at night and the trains. I'm thinking we're not going to make it until after Christmas this year, though, because of the weather.

  7. My first reaction to your pictures was "What the hell kind of crazy thing is that woman wearing on her ..... oh."

    I know what you mean about how having just one child is restful. I never would have thought that was possible back before I had kids but now I know how true it is.

  8. There is a good train display at Damascus library (MD) on or around November 5 (sat.). It is several rooms with different gauge trains set up by train enthusiasts.


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