Sunday, December 21, 2008

What? Not Enough Trains Yet?

At about 10 a.m. yesterday morning I made an executive decision. I decided it would be more fun to go downtown to the train exhibit at the Botanical Gardens than it would be to stay at home and yell and glare at each other all day.

Which is where we were headed. Sam had written notes to all of us with the message "Dear [recipient], I am having a hard time. This is the worst day of my life. From Sam"

This information in hand, we headed downtown. And when I say "in hand," I mean it literally. Jack carried his note around all day and called it his ticket.

We ended up here:

Well, really here:

But the first photo is so much nicer.

Unlike Kristen, who got her botanical garden all to herself and her family, this botanical garden was packed. But it was fun. Jack in particular was enthralled with the train exhibit. He enjoyed seeing the trains run along the overhead bridges and trestles, and he took his turn taking photographs, just like Quinn did on Thursday.

Long after Alex, Quinn, and Sam had wandered off (they took a long trip to the bathrooms and back), Jack stayed, happily watching the trains.

Eventually Alex and his group came back and wandered through the rest of the indoor gardens. I was surprised by how happy everyone was to do this

See? Happy.

True, I did tell them that no one was getting off the bench until I had a picture of them smiling happily, but it only took one shot. Then we wandered through the desert plant room ("Don't touch that cactus, Quinn," I said. "Ouch!" said Quinn.) and the jungle room.

Then, because no matter how much I would like to be in downtown DC on January 20th, I will NOT be, we showed the little dudes the Capitol building and the scaffolding where they will do the inauguration. That way when we watch it on TV they'll know what we're talking about.

Then Alex, Jack, and Sam jaywalked across a street and Sam almost got run down by a police car.

Still, it was a way better way to spend the day than yelling and glaring.


  1. Best part is that Sam looks very unlike the child who may have written that note earlier in the day, yes? Glad it was a good, if crowded, outing! :-)

  2. fun! I have been slacking in the train department this Christmas, we've only seen a few displays.

  3. Looks wonderful! And really, our "private" viewing was a fluke (owed partly to the fact that we are up at dawn most days and out the door in a jiffy. If I had 3 of my sons, I don't think I'd be out the door in a jiffy, i think we'd be looking at a whole bunch of late starts. ;-))

  4. Wow - at least Sam gives everybody fair warning when he's having a bad day! Jack's ticket - too cute! Looks like fun was had by all - a true Stimey success.

  5. I'm with Jack. I could watch trains go around those miniature landscapes all day.

    HRH is more of a Sam guy. He frequently announces that his day is ruined/this is the worst day of his life. He hasn't tried a note yet.

    Dramatic? Not our boys.

  6. We're big train fans here, too. Our zoo has a model train exhibit during December and we always spend some time there each year so Cordy can get her fill of the trains.

    We went yesterday, and nearly froze to death, but a good time was still had by all.

  7. So, so true!!! Doing an outing, no matter how stressful, is more fun that glaring at each other all day. :)

    I love miniature trains!

  8. What an awesome idea Stimey! We are so taking Danny one day this week. He loves all things locomotive so the train will thrill him. Merry Christmas to you and your band of Merry Men! -Monica


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