Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Can't Talk. Coming Down.*

It took me a while yesterday to release all of the tension I have been holding after weeks of preparing for yesterday's IEP meeting. And, yeah, Jack's annual review IEP meeting is in two months, but I am just so happy to not have this hanging over my head for a while.

I spent today nursing my sick Sam back to...well, he's still sick, so I didn't do much, but I did watch Kung Fu Panda with him.

Q: Could he possibly look any sadder?
A: No.

I spent a good amount of my day smiling and thinking about my new no-imminent-IEP-meeting weightlessness. Not that I think all of our problems and challenges are over, but that's one down. And it went down for the good guys.

I sent thank you notes and emails to many of those involved, including one to the principal with a list of major changes to the IEP as I see them, to make sure there's another piece of paper in the paper trail. And to make sure that I really do understand what happened and didn't spend the last half hour of the meeting in some sort of happy hallucination.

I also did some thinking about Jack's teacher and what she did. I sent her a handwritten thank you note. I also thought about what she said about the fact that Jack NEVER gets to the academic centers that the kids are supposed to do after they finish their independent morning work. She said that even if Jack likes his task and is available and willing to do it, he still does it so slowly that he just never makes it to the centers.

I'm really bothered by this. I'm also bothered that I didn't know quite how bad it was.

I knew that he needed constant redirection. I knew that he didn't always get to the centers. But that's how I saw it: "He didn't always get to the centers." I didn't realize it was: "He never gets to the centers."

I've badly wanted to volunteer in both Sam and Jack's classes, but haven't been able to thus far for a multitude of reasons. Last year, Sam's teacher didn't seem to want volunteers. This year, I've been so busy with work, that any day Quinn is in school I haven't been able to go, plus I'm hesitant to volunteer in Jack's class because his behavior can be worse when I'm around. I found this out at the co-op preschool he attended.

I think I'm going to have to start volunteering though. On a regular basis. Not only do I want the powers that be to know that I'm around, but I want to see how he does and what suggestions or help I can provide.

There are lots of thoughts rolling around in my head. I'm going to take a couple of days and try to relax and lets those thoughts sort themselves out a little bit.

And I'm going to let some of my relief about the IEP seep into my bones more.

* Who here knows where this quote comes from?


  1. DOH! ;-) Sounds like there's still lots to process and things to strategize about. That is, in between watching a very sad Sam and Kung Fu Panda!

    Hope Sam feels better soon. And no waxing!

  2. Isn't that from that movie where they took over the radio station? It sounds familiar...

    Poor sick baby! Sick kids are so pathetic!!!

    I'm glad that you're coming down, and that this is behind you. It will probably never be like that again, or at least not until middle school when the administration will change. Phew. If you can do this, you can do anything!

    I think that if you can manage to volunteer a lot, within a few times he won't act up when you're there, maybe. That's how my kids are - I'm there so much that they are just used to it and it doesn't seem worthy of reaction to them.

  3. I used to volunteer occasionally in my kids' classrooms, but my regular gig was (and still is) as a volunteer in the school library. Not only would I see my kid and his class when they came through, but I would also see other classes in action. A great way to scope out possible future teachers and, as you say, to make yourself visible to the Powers that Be.

    Hope Sam is better today.

  4. My mom always volunteered at school- for someone else's classroom. She found she could be there and helping, without being a distraction to us. Some schools make you volunteer in YOUR kids' room only (something about privacy issues) but it kinda becomes a problem...

  5. Maybe the expectations for Jack's independent work need to be changed. If he NEVER gets it done, then he probably needs less of it. Just a thought?

  6. Poor Sam. I hate when they're sick.

    My first thought on Jack is that the full time aid will be able to make sure he's getting the time he needs. How soon does that happen?

  7. Poor Sam, I hope he gets feeling better. I'm so glad you have the big weight off of your chest and that Jack will get the help he needs. You are such an awesome mom to fight for your child as you did.

  8. Has anyone said your *? Lisa "I am the Lizard Queen!" Simpson. Yeah, I feel your wavelength, baby.

  9. I'm sure the teacher will appreciate the extra set of hands. It sounds like she really wants to support Jack. Yay for good teachers (and good mommies) !!!


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