Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ice Day

I knew I liked this new president of ours. President Obama bitched about the snow closures the other day, just like I did all over Twitter on Tuesday night.

But then all the DC people came down on him saying that he shouldn't talk about DC like that. To this, I have to say: Grow a sense of humor, people. And also? If I was pissed that I had to take a day off of my stay at home momming to take care of my kids on a snow day, imagine how annoying it must be if you're the president and your kids keep running into the Oval Office asking if they can go play in the snow.

Okay, that's out of my system. I was annoyed by the snow closure on Tuesday because, c'mon, there were two inches of snow. My grass is taller than the snow. (My neighbors' grasses are shorter than the snow, but that's another post entirely.)

But yesterday, Wednesday? I fully support that snow closure day. My kids and I walked around the corner, up a short hill, and across a street to play with friends. We almost didn't make it. The street was a fucking sheet of ice.

Quinn fell down trying to cross the road, so I went out to save him and promptly got stuck, not having the momentum to move forward or backward. I tried to move my feet, but they just skidded around and then I fell down too. Eventually I got us across the street without being hit by a car and we went sledding in my friend's backyard.

It is so a hill. (I know. When she invited me over to sled in her backyard, I was like, "But your backyard is flat, dumbass." But it turns out that there is actually a slight incline perfect for small children. And it dead ends into a fence, so there's something there to stop them. You know, all abruptly like.)

Quinn recovered from his street crossing trauma a little once we got there, but he did look a little bit like a yokel because I was only able to find one mitten for him that morning. Never fear though! Stimey is nothing if not creative. What the hell else are socks for?

After the kids tired of ice sliding, we went inside and I guest decluttered my friend L's house. We worked on her kitchen, where I helped her declutter her crafts cabinet. Excited about all things crafty, she showed me her bead stash, which her three-year-old daughter promptly dropped all over the floor.

Have you ever picked up sixteen thousand beads?

It's totally awesome. Look at L's dog, Luke. For a second he thought that he'd hit the motherlode in terms of small, brightly colored treats. I think he might have eaten a couple of them.

We finally left poor L in peace and walked home. Again, we almost didn't make it. I'd had to cancel a lunch date where I was going to meet Thrift Store Mama for the first time. I was really sad, but I think it was the right decision. I don't know that we would have made it there alive. I eventually had to put Quinn on our sled and push him home. He just couldn't maintain verticality.

Thinking I had done the lion's share of my parenting for the day, I made lunch, then I put on The Jungle Book for my kids and sat down to rest. Shortly thereafter the doorbell rang. It was Jack's other friend from up the street and her just barely four-year-old brother. They wanted to play.

I didn't.

At some point I realized that there was no parent around and I asked if their mom or dad knew they were there. The little girl told me that not only was her mom at work, but that she had pinkeye too.

I took a step back, studied the little girl's eyes and asked if her dad knew they were at my house. She cheerfully told me no.

Seems like a problem.

I made her go tell her dad where they were. By this time Sam was involved and there was no way I was going to get away with sending this little girl away. I guess it was worth it, what with all the positive social interaction that Jack got out of it.

I took this photo right before E tackled Jack in a bear hug.
Also, see how the grass is taller than the snow?

So that's our ice day right there. As I write this, I'm waiting for the two-hour school opening delay to pass, so I can finally pass my children off to the school officials who are supposed to be taking care of them on Thursdays.

Although if you have an anxiety-ridden child, a two-hour delay may make them think that they are going to school from 10:50 p.m. to 3:05 a.m. *coughSamcough* Then, once you convince him that school will start at 10:50 a.m., he will remain convinced that he has to go to school until 3 in the morning and he will be concerned that he will be too tired. (Thinking of you here too, M.)

Ironically, the roads seem to be worse today than they were on Tuesday, when school was closed. I hope it's easier to drive on the roads than to walk on them.


  1. So far so good on the anxiety thing. Except he keeps asking if I have made his lunch yet. (he has asked about 5 times so far) I guess the anxiety is taking that form. We will see what happens. Poor Sam though thinking he has to go to school until 3am. (maybe I should just make his lunch instead of surfing the net, huh? might relieve the anxiety. I am brilliant, huh?) Gotta go make lunch.

  2. What's with the school delay?? We drove in to DC late last night. Roads seemed fine!!

  3. I totaly Love that you put socks on thier hands, becuase I don't know if my kids own gloves, but we do own many many socks!

  4. I agree. Tues. was crazy, wed. made total sense. Also, Obama's comment was fine. He is off the cuff and that is why we like him. My parents are from Chicago and they felt the same way when they first moved here.

  5. Ah, so you are the famous person Thrift Store Mama mentioned! And awesomely funny, as usual. I can't get the image of Barack Obama barking at his kids to get the hell out of the Oval Office out of my head!

  6. I laughed my freaking ass off all the way through your post today! Too funny!!
    And yep, after the two hour delay, my seven year old stood at the bus stop, immediately did the banana peel thing and konked himself on the head.

    I put him on the bus anyway. Sayonara, kid! lol

    **I have my house back, I have my house back**!


  7. Whoa, that sounds like a loooooooooong snowday! We had quit a few snowdays at the beginning of the month, and that was when all six kids were living here... I was surprised to have survived it!!! School delays seem so weird to me though. They should just decide, either open, or close!!!

  8. Totally with you on the Obama comments. I thought it was awesome that he called this area out like that. And, thank goodness it was HER kid who dropped those beads and not one of yours. Whew!

  9. Loved reading the Obama comments about the snow...

    You make me laugh regularly - I like that about you.

  10. That photo totally doesn't do the bead disaster justice. Folks, it was much worse than that. I will be finding beads until my kids are married.

    That dog is awesome though.

  11. I still shake my head at the snow closures here. We went to school unless the buses literally couldn't make it, and since buses are basically TANKS, we always had school. Seriously.

    We never got ice like this, though, so yesterday was totally justified. The day before was a shock, but I was kind of glad about it. I'm feeling tres hermity, so I'd be happy not to have to leave the house again for oh, say, another month or so.

  12. I didn't actually hear what Obama said but I heard from a friend of a friend that he compared DC to Chicago and said something about schools not being closed for weather like that - but the kids would have outside recess too! I don't see why that's funny. It's true!

    But holy cow that's a thick coating of ice on that road.

    Oh - and I don't think I've ever heard someone use the word verticality in conversation. I'm doubting that it's a real word but who cares - it is awesome!

  13. Streets are clear and dry here. But yesterday- icky. We drove on them, anyway. The boys were climbing the frickin' WALLS.

  14. I'm with Sue...and Barack would have to stop his conversation with Ehud Olmert in mid-sentence to yell at the kids to go find their mother and can't you see I'm on the phone!?

    Nah, Barack would be smooth as silk.

  15. Can I just say? The reason the roads are s*!t here when it snows then rains is because the Dept of Public Works or whatever its called here DOESN'T SALT, DOESN'T SAND AND DOESN'T PLOW. OF COURSE THE ROADS ARE AWFUL AND THEN SCHOOL HAS TO BE CLOSED AGAIN!!!! I am in the same boat as you, as MY grass is taller than the snow and ICE too, and being from New England I am constantly amazed at how poorly snow and ice situations are handled here. I've been here 3.5 years now and I am pretty sure I will NEVER get over it. PLOW THE ROADS. Then you can have school the next day because the roads won't be ice skating rinks. GAH! Sorry, had to get that off my chest after an entire week of EFFED up school schedules. Now I feel better.

  16. Given how little snow we get in many years it doesn't make sense to invest in the same amount of snow removal equipment and personnel that they have in Maine so we suffer when we do get snow, But that doesn't explain the difference in snow removal from county to county. The county near me had the side roads completely clear of snow where as my county used the "let it melt" snow removal plan for the side roads. It was dangerous to take my daughter to school nearest to me but when we got past that it was clear sailing to preschool.

  17. How much do I love the image of THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES trying to get work done with kids romping around him?



  18. I wimped out on wed. on a playdate b/c I went outside on the street and it was solid ice- yeah, wed. was bad... I'm glad we're getting back to normal!
    But I hear we're supposed to get a BIG snow on tuesday... I'm thinking happy, no-snow, thoughts :)

  19. Nice action shot of the pre-hug! Our drive way is basically an ice rink but I'm loving the winter...

  20. Hi duh, you have to walk UP a hill to get to my house--no?

  21. This post cracked me up.

    You are hilarious, chick!

    Still giggling... 'dumbass'


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