Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Indulge Me, If You Will

I don't know what it is, but I love all things zombie.

At least they supply good advice. (Zombies freeze in cold climates.)

Those responsible for warning us of the end of civilization as we know it are, as of yet, still uncaught. They are presumably driving north from Austin, Texas.

I imagine George Romero is laughing somewhere.


  1. What exactly was this? Am I out of the America loop or the zombie loop? Someone took over a sign and posted zombie messages? Brilliant . . . but pretty scary. For some reason I always think I want to see zombie moves and then watch them and then regret it.

  2. Bwah! Just last week, ran a blog about how to change those signs (apparently, the DOT uses a generic password and doesn't lock the cabinet containing the keyboard). The Zombie Plague must be spreading! :)

  3. Oh too funny! I heard a blip about this - but didn't hear what they actually said - I'd love to see something like that driving home from work or something.

  4. I posted about this last week too. I thought it was a fabulous joke, obviously I'm living in the wrong place. I'm a fan of the undead myself, couldn't explain it if I tried, maybe something in their mindless moaning is a little too familiar...


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