Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's a Shovel Day!

They're not snow days around here. For some reason, when my kids see snow, they immediately want to find a shovel (or the plastic hoe they improvised with for a while today) and scrape snow off of every raised surface they can find.

It's a little hit or miss right now, but when they're teenagers, it's going to be awesome.

Sam, whilst shoveling the patio table:

Quinn, just prior to shoveling the slide with his ass:

Jack, shoveling angel-shaped images onto the lawn:

Okay, so it's not all shoveling all the time. But, really, Sam's first response to the snow was, "I want a shovel! We have shovels in the garage!" And then they spent an hour or so shoveling the backyard grass. It happens every time it snows.

Then our neighbors popped in, and Sam and his 5-year-old buddy shoveled our front sidewalk. Sam's judgment isn't completely developed yet though; I looked up at one point and saw him shoveling a path into the street. I had to put the hammer down on him for that one. Then they started shoveling our neighbor's driveway, which...nice, but what about my driveway?


Gratuitous photo of the dog, who was maybe happier to see snow than anyone.


Oh, and two more snow related things:

1. I don't get why the school district has to cancel school because it's softly snowing.

2. Now that it's snowed once, I'm done. I'm happy to welcome spring and shorts and t-shirt weather. I'm done with winter.

3. 2(a). Thank you for letting me post photos of my kids in the snow. I have to do that at least once a year. I'm done now. Except for maybe tomorrow.

4. 2(b). Tomorrow better not be a snow day. I can't take another day of my children cooped up in my home. They've been home since Saturday and I'm ready to send 'em back to school.


  1. My kids have gone to school 3 out of the past TEN days. Tomorrow better not be a snow day. But you know it will be.

    xoxo, SG

  2. I love the snow pictures, I'm jealous. We don't get snow days in FL, only hurricane days but they're not so fun with the threat of total destruction looming over us.

    Your dog looks like she/he? is going to knock someone over she's going so fast.

    I can understand wanting the kids back in school though. Mine are years away from elementary school and I'm so ready to send them now.

  3. We don't get snow days. Or any other kind of no-school day. BUT, I was washing the new 90210 (I know, I KNOW) and they got a day off because the air conditioning was broken. Ha.

    Ha ha hahahaha.

    Great pictures.

  4. I remember how much I used to pray for snow days... It was great back when I could sleep in and watch Lifetime movies all day. Now? Not so much.

  5. Incredible snow jealousy seething snow desire why was it 70 degrees here today how can that be winter why do we even *own* sweaters?

    Ok, I feel better!

    Cute pix, by the way!

  6. They cancelled school for that? You're kidding right?

    If your boys still want to shovel send them over to my house. I have snowdrifts in my yard that are taller than Quinn. They would have a blast.

  7. Love the shovel enthusiasm! What is it about that age enthusiastically shoveling everything?!?

  8. It's the end of January and this is your first snowfall? I mean, you're kidding, right?


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