Sunday, January 25, 2009

Marvelous Monday, Terrible Tuesday

Jack used to have therapies three afternoons a week. He went to his social skills group on Monday, speech therapy on Tuesday, and occupational therapy on Wednesday. His social skills group (hereafter referred to as "group" because it's easier) and speech are at the same office, which is, incidentally, a gajillion miles away.

We recently were able to move Jack's speech therapy over to Mondays before group, so now Mondays are a really long day for Jack, but all the little dudes get to have more time not being dragged places.

There's another benefit too. See, on Tuesdays I was the mom who always told the other moms that we didn't need anything from the vending machine, but whose kids would attack the bags of Doritos the other children brought back from the vending machines. I was also the mom of the kid who would come out of his speech session and immediately grab any unheld bags of snacks and start eating. And spilling.

On Mondays, none of the other parent go to the vending machines. (So I'm allowed to starve my children in peace, thank you very much.) There seem to be fewer people in the waiting room, and there are definitely fewer siblings, making for a much calmer waiting time.

I think most of the problem was that on Tuesdays, the people there all had kids who had been in the same social skills group for months. Their waiting room culture was well established. I was the bumbling newcomer.

On Mondays, I fit in better. Instead of being the free-loading snack-stealer, I'm the witty mom who charms everyone by shouting out, "It's a speech therapy miracle!" after the whole waiting room worked together to find Sam white out and a pencil so he could fix his math homework.


It was charming at the time. I know it sounds a little buffoonish now.

Oh, jeez.

Am I the buffoonish mom who embarrasses everyone by screaming about miracles on Mondays?

Maybe I need the social skills group.


  1. Speech therapy miracles should be praised and celebrated. I hope you brought Doritos the following Monday to celebrate.


  2. I'm betting you kinda hadda be there. :)

  3. Ooh, Anonymous C stole MY thoughts! I'll just say "Ditto!"

  4. I was so happy when our speech and OT changed to a closer, quieter office where I could get on the floor and give my kid elephant rides in peace.

    Yeah, I'm THAT mom.

  5. You seriously crack me up. If we got together we'd get laughing at stupid and inappropriate things. (I have a sick and twisted sense of humor sometimes)

  6. I totally understand. I'm that mom in all waiting rooms, the one distracting and engaging them to try and keep them entertained so that the other moms can have their conversations. :P Craziness is during the session transitions when other kids are going in and I'm trying to get my kids out the door while the therapist or doctor is telling me something! Enjoy your Monday!

  7. when my kids took swim lessons, afterward they would attach themselves like magnets to the vending machine and I would have to pry them off and listen to screaming about being starving, etc. thing is, if you buy something for them once--they will expect it every time. exhausting.

  8. I'm the mom who lets them eat the Doritos while the other moms bring healthy snacks.

    I also let them go without gloves since we're just walking from school to the car.

    I think we're all that mother.

  9. you're not a buffoon; you're brilliant.

    everytime i get my hair cut i prounounce, "it's a hair miracle."

  10. I think your kids have to hit puberty before that really kicks in.

    I love a good miracle - and REALLY love people who shout about them. Except maybe the people who get too close to me on street corners or people at revivals (but I can't really say for sure about the latter since I've never been to a revival, and you just never know.)

  11. I so wish you were in the waiting room while I've had to keep MY kids busy at a therapy appt. I was the only one who had to bring siblings at one place. By the end of the appts, I NEEDED THERAPY, but it wasn't occupational!

  12. Probably, in the minds of kids, ALL grownups need social skills groups!!!

  13. I love it! You know, no one has wite-out around's rather used to be everywhere...da**ed computers...


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