Friday, February 13, 2009

Bring Your Obnoxious 3-Year-Old to Work Day

Just one of the great things about telecommuting (and there are many, many wonderful things— trust me) is that you don't have to see your boss very often. I mean, my immediate supervisor lives in Hawaii, if that tells you anything.

The problem is that when you see them once every two years, you don't know who anyone is.

My supervisor was in the area today, so the company hosted a pizza lunch for his team this afternoon. I RSVPed with, "Can I bring an obnoxious three-year-old?"

I've learned to set the bar low. That way when said three-year-old walks into the office, grabs a GIANT piece of Kentucky Fried Chicken and disappears for the next half hour to quietly eat in a conference room, people are really impressed.

I don't think it hurts that I had a "little talk" with Quinn in the car before we went in, where "little talk" equals "I told him if he was good, then he would get a brownie when we got home."

And we was good. He was so good that he charmed them into giving him the stuffed bear keychain off of the restroom key.

Then when we left, he went around to every single person in the room to give them a hug and a kiss. Then he went back to the lady who took the key off of the bear and hugged and kissed her again.

Of course when we got home, I had to make brownies for him (well, I was planning to make brownies anyway, but I told him they were for him). He was delighted when I gave him the mixing bowl and a spoon.

I know he's wearing a different shirt.
I can't imagine how, but the first one got dirty.

And then I made the mistake of going into the bathroom for a millisecond. When I came out, he was smearing his hand all over his head and saying, "I have chocolate hair! I have chocolate hair!"

He was completely delighted with himself. And then he got really upset because his hair was messy and he demanded a bath.

But at least he didn't get me fired.


  1. Bravo Quinn! I hope you charmed your Mom's boss into giving her a big bonus!

  2. What fantastic preparation for that event! I remember 'way back when it was a Take My Daughter To Work Day, as back then, boys weren't part of the picture. The times, they have certainly changed!


  3. It sounds like your job is secure after Quinn's fantastic performance!

    I've never met any of the people I work with. Being a contractor, they don't pay to get me into the office even once in a while. I wish they would though, so I could visit DC again.

  4. WTG, Quinn! I think this means my husband needs to being OUR obnoxious 3-year old to work, since I don't have a work.

    Chocolate hair is awesome! (Especially since I didn't have to clean it up. Can you imagine My Hairball with chocolate hair? UGH! I need to keep her away from Quinn!)

  5. Wow! Way to go, Stimey! The balance, it is in sight....

    And chocolate hair? That's just awesome. If a bit sticky.

  6. I hope you're not saying there's something wrong with rubbing brownie batter into your hair because that's how I spend the majority of my Saturday nights. Quinn is my hero. Someone should have a Wall of Fame ceremony for him.

  7. Go QUINN!! Did you lick his hair?

  8. Oh, he is adorable with that chocolate!

  9. So you went with the carrot, not stick approach. And it worked!

    I had a similar brownie experience this week. I still can't tell you how it ended up all over his socks.

  10. oh yeah, my kids and me have those "little talks" all the time...

  11. I'd do all that for a brownie too! Yay! Quinn!

  12. Whew, g you didn't stickhim in the oven to bake that brownie-hair. What a great little dude he is! Already learning how to work the ladies, too! Love the bear.

  13. Don't you just love it when things go this well?

    Bravo Quinn!

  14. I'm all about setting the bar low - seriously, I hear you on that one. It helps soften any surprises.

    That's really cool that he didn't get you fired, way to go Quinn.

  15. That is a GOOD TRICK, yo. Setting the bar LOW. I'm ALL ABOUT THAT and I'm totally stealing that.

    The bribing too, because, you know.


  16. Quinn sounds like he was a charmer that day!! I'm all for bribery and that one worked miracles!

  17. I love him.

    And as usual, I think you are a genius. Have you considered writing a parenting guide? Because I would totally follow it.


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