Monday, February 23, 2009

DCMM: My Spa Vacation, Courtesy of the Dentist

Note: It is possible that I might still be high on Vicodin. Adjust your expectations accordingly.

Up to three weeks ago, I hadn't been to the dentist for multiple years. So when my lower left jaw started to hurt on and off, I was a little concerned for what might be happening in there. My dentist told me that what was happening in there was that my bottom left wisdom tooth was decaying at a rapid speed.

After a couple of weeks of procrastination and some escalating tooth pain, I made the appointment to get my tooth yanked. As the day of my surgery approached, I got more and more excited. Not only would the nagging pain in my face be going away, but I would have free license to sleep all weekend.

Friday morning before my appointment I put my laptop, some magazines, bottles of water, and the TV remote on the bed next to my pillow. I put my electric blanket on standby next to the bed in case I needed it.

I felt this same way when I was ready to give birth for the second and third times. I looked forward to my hospital time because I got to relax in my hospital bed for two days. Getting a wisdom tooth out is even better because you don't have to breastfeed the tooth every two hours. Nor do you have to stay in the hospital.

I've whiled away the past couple of days napping, taking my medication, and watching bad TV. When I need something, I call downstairs to my husband and he brings me things like soup. And ice cream. And he's been sympathetic and happy to do it.

When I've seen my kids, they've been happy to see me and well behaved. I haven't had to count to three all weekend to make someone do something.

All together, this has been one of the better weekends I've had lately. I may have to get my other wisdom teeth taken out soon. One tooth—and one weekend—at a time, of course.

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