Friday, March 6, 2009

Bring Your Doodle to Skoodle*

* My dog's name is Cassidy. So it follows that we would call her Cassidog. And it also follows that we would then call her Cassidoodle. The next logical leap is Doodle. And "Skoodle" rhymes with "Doodle." Title explained.

It's pet season at Quinn's preschool class. They're learning all about animals. So when Mrs. E told people that they could bring their pets to school, I was all, "Do you want a giant, furry, obnoxious dog? Ha, ha, ha!"

And then she said yes.

So the Doodle went to preschool today. Quinn was quite excited.

The dog was a little freaked out.

I am proud to report that Cassidy performed admirably. Because one giant dog wasn't enough, Quinn took his new best friend Poofy too. All the kids were excited to see and pet Cassidy. She licked the kids who wanted to be licked and didn't lick the others. She sat when I told her to sit. She didn't bite anyone's face off.

Good dog!

Quinn's classmates are a little weird looking.

When the free-for-all petting started, Quinn went and stood in front of Cassidy with his mouth open because he wanted Cassidy to do this:

I know. It's pretty cool how she can fit her whole snout in his mouth.

Just ignore the Lego string Q put around her snout. Cassidy did.

I thought that such an exhibition would be too embarrassing to allow him to do in front of a group of three- and four-year-olds, so I decide to share it with the internet instead.

And that's the story of the day Cassidy went to preschool. Not a single child cried, which I thought was nice. Although they were not suitably impressed by the Doodle's only trick, which is hand-shaking.

Regardless, I rewarded her with a delicious pig ear when we got home. Because dogs are disgusting.


If you want to read about maybe the worst parenting philosophy ever, go on over to DC Metro Moms and read about how I curse in front of my children.


  1. Awesome pics.

    I think the devolution to "doodle" is universal. In our house, we've got snack-adoodle and sock-adoodles. And I thought we invented that!

  2. I was going to ask why Quinn was nakid at school and then realized that the pictures must be from another time :P

  3. i'm glad i'm not the only one who is unphased by my dog french kissing my kid. my 7-month-old opens wide for kisses whenever the dog comes near him. i figure i'm helping him develop his immune system...that, and sometimes it's the only thing that will get him to stop screaming.

  4. We have the same nickname evolution thing at our house- only for us Colin became doodle from monkey- monkey doodle, etc. Colin loved seeing Cassidy and told me "she can do a trick, shake hands!" Thanks for bringing her!

  5. Ahhhh!! The french kissing Doodle gives me chills. I know, I know, I'm a big baby. Great post, by the way, over at DC Moms. I'm still giggling.

  6. Your dog is awesome. This makes me want one just a little bit.

  7. OOOHH - bringing the dog to school - very BRAVE!!

  8. Whew, sure am glad I read *this* post before the DC Moms post. I might've put a TOOOOTALLY differnt construct on that doodle at skoodle! *snort* (Yeah, I'm a dork but you love me, right?!)

  9. There you go! (That's what my grandmother used to tell me to say when I wasn't sure what to say.)

    No, seriously, pig's ears aren't *that* gross. People eat pig skin, right?

    They are both fetching!

  10. Dog kisses. Blech. Those are some crazy looking classmates. Now off to read the post I've been waiting for.

  11. OK, the licking dog in Quinn's mouth makes me gag... but the rest makes me want a dog again. ;)

    It was so nice meeting you tonight. Makes me sad though, cause I think you are so authentic and exactly how I imagined you...and you live so far away from me! And I swear our kids would love eachother...and if they killed eachother, you would be cool about it!

  12. A great dog is the best thing! And yes, our dog, Tony Blair is often called Doodle. As a matter of fact, so is my youngest son. He's sixteen. And, as if that isn't enough, I frequently call the dog by my youngest son's name and my youngest son by the dog's name. Especially when one of them frustrates me.

  13. Aw, I'm so happy your Doodle had fun at skoodle! Hey that title would make a great children's book!

  14. Aww, cute dog-snout-in-kid's-mouth picture! The picture of the classroom freaked me out since they kids are all faceless.

  15. I let my dog lick my mouth all the time but have never captured it on film (or digitally or whatever). I now know that I never will. Glad the school visit went well for Quinn & Doodle.

  16. We have Maddie, which became Maddie-Dog, which became Mad Dog, which became Madimus (when we watched Gladiator) which became Dances with Cats (her Indian name). She has a superhero name but I can't think of it right now.

    I hate it when she French kisses the kids.

  17. I love the dog snout in the mouth pic. That sums up family and childhood goofiness for me. It reminds me somehow of how proud our dog was that he could handle three tennis balls. We need to adopt a dog one of these days so my kids have memories and weird kisses too.

  18. We do that with names, too! Baci became Baci Bean, which has turned into Beany Weeny. I'm glad I'm not the only name nut around!!!

    That photo of the kids' faces really freaked me right the eff out. I love that you could bring the dog to school!!!! We can't even walk to get our kids with dogs anymore because a neighborhood dog got out of its yard and bit a girl. The dog was put down, and hadn't been on school property to begin with, but of course, now there are no dogs near school unless they're in a car, because that makes perfect sense. ??? Our dogs always loved going to school, because they got a LOT of lovin', so this has put a serious cramp in our social lives.

  19. Oh, also - when Josie was little, she would laugh when the dogs would lick her face, so they would keep licking, and it would end up all sounding like 'haglurblyhahahahaaglurp!!!' It was hysterical. Good thing none of us is a germophobe!


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