Monday, March 30, 2009

Eight Short Subjects; One Long Post

I know I haven't been around here much lately, but we've been busy. Funny, but it turns out that an un-blogged life is worth living. Who knew?

The bummer about me not having enough time to blog much lately is that we have been doing all kinds of super fun—and photogenic—things.


We did us some Science:

"Zee goggles! Zey do nothing!"

We finally created the volcano that Santa Claus was dumb enough to give Sam for Christmas. The little dudes had a really good time even though (or maybe because) it was the messiest project that I have ever allowed anyone to do on my dining room table.

I was absolutely horrified by this project. Fortunately I managed to not touch it. Even Jack, who is normally the kind of kid who loves crazy, gooey textures, seemed grossed out.

And the really lame thing about this horrible, messy project is that it didn't even work very well. I remember making a paper mache volcano when I was a kid and it erupted like a mofo. This one kind of just oozed out of the top.

Fortunately, none of my little dudes were alive to witness the glory of my elementary school volcano, so they were duly impressed by the volcano eruption leak we got.


We also did some Social Studies:

And by "social studies," I mean, "Quinn's class went to the fire station." They had all kinds of fun, even though Quinn was a little bummed out that there was no fire pole. And there were a few minutes when we were the only people in the fire station when the fire engines and firefighters rapidly departed on a call.

Fortunately an ambulance came back and the firefighters on it were happy to get decked out in their firefighter gear for the munchkins.

And lest anyone think that Quinn doesn't look like his brothers, compare his "I'm totally disturbed by the firefighter" look to Jack's "I'm totally disturbed by the volcano goo" look.

Quinn turned on both the windshield wipers and the siren in the ambulance. Guess which he thought was cooler? If you think it's the siren, you'd be wrong. He was so totally pleased that he cleaned the windshield.

Seriously. He talked about it all day.


Not to be outdone by Santa and the fire department, Alex had us learn about Nature:

He goes by the Audobon Society every day on his way to work and has been really excited for the past week because they put up a sign about BIRDHOUSES! ON SALE!

So we all piled into the car on Saturday and went to buy birdhouses—one for each kid.

Of course Sam fell in love with the most expensive birdhouse there. Because that's just the way he is. The $50 house he wanted was painted to look like an actual house.

I finally convinced him that we could paint a birdhouse for much cheaper.


Which leads us to Art!

Before and after. Not bad, huh?


A quick note about Animal Husbandry:*

Don't turn your back on the dog.

You should totally click this photo to better look at Alex.

* See what I did there? Animal? Husbandry? The dog and my husband?

I am so goddamn funny.


Because we're us, we have to spend time on Computer Science:

Teaching Nana to play the Wii was kind of awesome.

Those kids are going to miss her when she leaves town tomorrow. (I might too.)


We also spent some time today doing Sports, namely, duckpin bowling.

Did you know that the tendency to lean the way you want the ball to roll is instinctual and not learned?

That was his first turn. I laughed so hard at my three little dudes trying to bowl that I almost couldn't score my own 88.

Yes. I scored an 88. And I came in second place. My family is not going pro anytime soon.


Well, kudos to you for reading the whole thing. I leave you with Brotherly Love.


  1. Umm. My brain is not firing on all cylinders, so I totally can't get the animal husbandry.

    I thought Alex might've farted at the dog, but it didn't explain the title.

    Also wanted to express my envy at all the education going on in Stimeyland!

  2. My two favorites are the windshield wipers and the dog/Alex photo. :) I get that excited about cleaning the windshield sometimes too.

  3. I really admire you for coming up with so many ways to promote learning at home. I felt guilty after reading your post because I haven't been able to spend too much time with my daughter. I am inspired to plan out more activities for her. Thanks for reminding me.

  4. Too funny! I love your sense of humor.

  5. Can anyone explain duckpin bowling? My husband talks about candlepin bowling-are they related?
    If so, I take back all the times I thought he was just making it up.

  6. You are an awesome mom. Seriously.

  7. Sorry I had to LOL at the expression on your husbands face! Looks like you've been having a lot of fun lately. We're in the middle of a volcano project...Drew got one for his birthday. I'm curious to see if it works.

  8. Animal husbandry made my day - he looks scared and the dog is all like "what up?"

    BTW - that birdhouse is really cool, it looks very Carl Larrson.

  9. What fun you guys have! Love the volcano, but not doing that here any time soon. ewwwww!

  10. I love the distasteful looks.

    I once wrote about the 10 worst presents that you can give kids and do it yourself science kits were on the list. I specifically referenced volcanoes.

  11. Your last post with the narcolepsy reference, along with Alex's miserable excuse for a 4H project reminded me of this:

    You definitely need one of those dogs.

  12. Hmmmm.... sounds like you're planning another great summer camp?

  13. My first thought was along the lines of WhyMommy- When does Stimey Camp start? Seriously. I am totally enrolling my kids in your camp! You rock!

  14. Duckpin bowling is like regular bowling except the pins are shorter, the balls are smaller, and you get three balls (instead of two) every turn. I don't know anything about candlepin bowling. I might have to google that. I like duckpin because it's a lot easier for kids to lift and roll the balls. Lots of fun!

  15. Couple things. Please explain to the boys they should try not be disappointed if squirrels want to live in their pretty bird houses. They are part of nature too.

    And - I love the brotherly love photo! That's a keeper!

    And the real deal - I am pretty well convinced you have been really really "busy" and all that - ever since you got your new iPHONE!!! BUSTED!
    Thrown over for electronics. See? Look at your pics? Are you anywhere in site? NO-O-O .. you're somewhere in the background absentmindedly saying 'that's great little dudes' as you look back down at your phone.
    The time coincides y'know.
    You thought we wouldn't notice?

  16. And you say you're not homeschool material?


  17. I'm so impressed with all of your learning going on!!

    Wasn't the volcano disappointing?! Where are the ones that spurt everywhere?

    Do you guys have the Nerf Shooter game for the Wii? Don't know if your kids are big into nerf guns/shooters but we got the game yesterday and my boys LOVE it! Really anything where they get to play with shooters more is a big hit in our house. :)

  18. what good life and times you've been a having!


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