Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Happiest Place on Earth

I found the best place in the whole world today. Well, actually, my friend L took me there, but in my demented little head, I found it. We went to a great open gym hour that had all kinds of awesome, but mostly it had this:

Quinn had never played in a foam block pit before and he loooooooved it. I was happily watching him throw himself around in there when L showed up, grimacing at her children cavorting in the foam.

"It's kind of creepy," said L.

"It's just like a ball pit," I protested. "Only with...foamy...absorbant..."


"...blocks. Yeah, it's creepy."

I hope it wasn't too gross down there, because Quinn enjoyed sliding into it headfirst. Pardon the blurry, but please enjoy the butt:

And once Quinn found out that he was allowed to jump into the foam pit from a tall block? Well, there was no getting him out of there.

Do you know how hard it is to capture an in-air shot of a jumping child with a crappy camera?

Less awesome was trying to drag Quinn out of the pit once open gym was over. I think we might be going back. Every week for the rest of my life.


In other news, check out one reason I feel lucky that Jack has such a great aide. Also, take a gander at our awesome new nightlight.


  1. That looks like so much fun! I hope the older boys aren't too jealous.

  2. Makes me want to jump in a big pit of foam of course.

  3. We have one like that at our gymnastics place. They always recommend taking your socks off because kids tend to lose them in there. I always wondered what would all be found at the bottom of that pit. I got in there with Drew when I was 9 months pregnant with Noah...I damn near drowned. It's like quicksand sucking a pregnant woman down. I looked like an idiot. (but it was fun!)

  4. Is this the Tiny Gym? We have one out in Reston (might actually be Herdon) and the foam pit is surreal.

  5. Let me know the next time you go, Eli would be totally into that.

  6. Made me a bit nervous seeing the high jump there. This may sound stupid but is that controlled in any way to make sure kids don't land on other ones? Just curious.

  7. I took Little BEar and Pufferfish to a place like that once! They loved the foam pit... but here is a bit of advice for you and any other grown-ups. Do not. I repeat. Do NOT. Get in that foam pit and try to play with your kids. Because you will not get out. Their little lightweight bodies can climb right on top of the foam cubes and jump out. But you will sink to the bottom and be stuck, and trying to get out will be highly embarassing, and the employees will roll their eyes at you. So just observe from the sidelines. ;) (But Kelly is right... it IS fun!)

  8. I'd HIGHLY recommend the Prince George's Sports and Learning Complex as well. Huge foam pit and amazing gymnastics equipment for little kids.

  9. That looks like MY open gym which we haven't been to in a few weeks. I've made the mistake of getting in there not once, but twice and it takes me a good 10 minutes to get back out!

  10. Just came over from DC Metro Moms, but I had to say that as soon as I saw the foam blocks, I knew that it had to be Fairland. Oh, my oldest son has had so much fun in that very pit at a variety of birthday parties he's attended there. I was always pissed that they wouldn't let me in!

  11. What a fun place!! Bito would love someplace like that.

  12. When Josie was really little, she took gymnastics there. It *is* fun! There's another place, in Landover (I know, but I promise, it's beautiful) that's actually even nicer, although this place is a lot closer for you. I always wanted to try the pools at the place you were at, because they look so beautiful, but never got around to it.


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