Wednesday, March 11, 2009

In Case You Forgot What My Kids Looked Like

I'm kinda tired and kinda behind on my work, and I'm just going to post some cute photos of my kids. Don't feel obligated to comment, but really, how damn cute are they?

First up is the Q-ball. His friend brought a stuffed dog to school today complete with collar and leash from the dollar section at Target. So guess where he made me go directly after school today?

And if you're wondering, he says that no, he didn't paint at school today. So that's settled.

We've also been trying out Quickstart Tennis, a program by the US Tennis Association to get kids to start playing tennis with fun, easy equipment and lessons. I'll have a review up next week on my review site, but until then...

Tennis, anyone?

If you ever want to experience some chaos, take three kids, a bunch of tennis balls, and a camera to the park on the first 70-degree day of spring.

So, what do you think? Do you think the USTA found a fun way to teach tennis?

'Cause Sam does.

And to conclude, do you want to know just one of the things I love about Jack? That in the midst of the aforementioned chaos with the balls and the rackets and the camera and the packed tennis court, he can still find his point of calm.

I wish I could find that kind of interest in a tiny rock.


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  1. Q-Ball, Q-Bert, the nicknames are endless.

    Too funny. Tennis is a sport that will get them scholarships - keep. it. up!!

  2. They are absolutely darling. And tennis is so much fun!

  3. Good move getting a pet that doesn't shed, eat, poop or go to the vet!

  4. How cute! I wish it was warm enough here to go play tennis. You've inspired me to teach Josh how to play this summer!

  5. It's too hot to play tennis here. It's only March and it's already too hot to play outside.

    My kid is fascinated by tiny rocks and such too, I love it!

    Your kids are still cute, thanks for refreshing my memory.

  6. I am going to investigate this tennis thing! And for Q and the puppy... guess which one of my kids drags a large rottweiler stuffed animal around on a leash? ;)

  7. OMG he got the SAME leash. I think our dogs are twins. ALso, I'm glad you felt the same urgency that I did to wash the paint out of his hair. I also wore my green-painted t-shirt out shopping and then to a board meeting.

  8. They didn't paint! Quinn just dyed his hair!


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