Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Next INTERNET PHENOMENON, a.k.a. The Chicken Game

Y'all read Swistle, right? I'm sure you all do, but if you don't, you should. She cracks me up on a regular basis. Well, she has this friend named Dr. Maureen (tagline: "I'm not that kind of doctor"), who seems to be similarly amusing.

Dr. Maureen has outlined the rules for what is sure to sweep the web in a flurry of greatness to become, as she puts it, the next INTERNET PHENOMENON. Some of you may prefer to refer to it as The Chicken Game. (Or TCG if you're cool enough. I am not.)

Basically, you take a small chicken of the type you find in craft stores. If you are like me, you might want to take a friend with you. I stood in front of the Easter section at Michael's for a good five minutes only to have my buddy walk up and point to an entire section full of these things.

Here is my chicken family:

There are many things you can do with your chicken, whom Swistle and Dr. Maureen refer to as Mr. Pickles. Which is totally crazy, because obviously these chickens should be named Clive.

The point of the game is to hide the chicken somewhere fun. Then your opponent co-player finds the chicken, laughs hysterically, and hides it somewhere for you to find. It turns out that I was playing this game even before I knew that I was.

Or you can do funny things with your chicken and post the photos to The Chicken Game Flickr group. I did that with my chicken counterpart here:

If you click that photo to enlarge it, you can see that the chicken is tweeting.

I have to say that Alex is not the most cooperative Chicken Gamer. He thought it was really funny when he found the chicken in perhaps the most inspired place I could think of to hide it.

After he found it though, he just put it back in the egg carton and put the eggs back in the fridge. So I painstakingly explained the game and he gave me a puzzled look and wandered off.

So I decided to re-hide the chicken. He will continue to find chickens in unexpected places around the house until he gives in and joins The Chicken Game. Then he'll still find chickens in unexpected places around the house, but at least he'll be having all kinds of fun while he's doing it. Right?

After finding that first perfect place for the chicken, I had to think hard about its next hiding place. I briefly considered this...

...but then I realized that if the chicken accidentally got shoved down into the booze that I would be in big trouble. Because it's funny to open your scotch and find a chicken in the neck of the bottle, but it's less funny to pick up your bottle and see a drowned, matted chicken floating in it.

My chicken smelled a little bit like a distillery after I took him out.

I thought about putting him here...

...but he did not care for that idea, what with the high possibility of accidental nuking. Also? I can't believe I'm posting a photo of my filthy microwave on the internet.

I finally decided on this semi-mysterious option:

The ball chicken is in your court, Alex.

So all of you: jump on board. You know you want to. Get yourself a chicken and join in the next great INTERNET PHENOMENON. It's totally going to be bigger than You Tube.


  1. How wrong is it that I find that totally hilarious?? My kids would totally get a kick out of it....I'll have to try it on my husband

  2. Except that I've already hidden the chicken Stimey. I hid Clive a couple of days ago, in fact. But where could he be!!!! A

  3. That comment above is from Alex, people! And he never comments on my blog. I feel like I just got a comment from Dooce.

    I'm on the lookout, Alex.

  4. Hilarious. You have me thinking "I want to hide chickens!" What is wrong with me?!?!?!? Well, whatever it is, it's wrong with you too! Something tells me if I hide chickens, mooser will inconspicuously gather them and hide them in one of his many baskets (aka hoarding purses). Either that, or years from now, I will be cleaning something that should technically be cleaned weekly, and I will find one very dusty and distraught chicken.

  5. Very funny although I'm not sure I feel the magic that would inspire me to play. But I am glad you're obviously feeling better after your tooth stuff. And how do you get your spouse to comment? You must have mighty powers! -M

    P.S. I love following Swistle!

  6. Bigger than YouTube, it's YouChicken!
    Better than bad, it's good!
    So basically, some one has once again "invented" a "game" that already existed, but found a way to institute excessive regulation and force us otherwise happily chicken-free folks to now go out and buy chicken insurance for those times when we need to hide something, but lack the appropriate trinket, thereby appearing uncool to the chicken-enhanced population...


  7. I'm not sure what has me laughing harder - the chicken drowning in the scotch or Swistle's post that's on top right now about REUSABLE feminine protection. (Oh yes, she did.)

    But I AM feeling the need to go out and get me a lil chick.

  8. You made me want some peeps. And my microwave is dirtier. You won't be seeing it on my blog anytime soon!

  9. People will be, like, "What's YouTube?" in comparison to how well they know The Chicken Game.

    Funniest part: "but it's less funny to pick up your bottle and see a drowned, matted chicken floating in it."

    Also, perhaps Clive is his first name. Clive Pickles. Mr. Clive Pickles.

  10. YAY ALEX!!! I see you guys eat organic eggs. I hate that flappy egg carton.


  11. OK, so if ANYONE should be playing this game, shouldn't it be MRS. CHICKEN?

    Whaaaa! I can't drive! And if I send my husband to Micheals for a fake chicken so I can play an internet game, he will have me committed.


  12. LOL--great post--love the chicken looking at the paper! you should have kept it in the bottle of scotch.

  13. I thought chickens were supposed to cluck, not tweet.

  14. I think you and Swistle may be correct; perhaps his first name is Clive. He DOES look like a Clive.

    I, too, hid Mr. Clive Pickles in the egg carton last weekend, and Andrew - with whom I have been playing TCG for YEARS - said, and I quote, "Why did you put the chicken in the egg carton?"

  15. I'm dying laughing at TCG. What fun, what fun!!

    On a more serious note: thanks for your support in my Super Heavy Duty Post on Violence Unsilenced. I appreciate it greatly.

  16. You're not going to start mailing them hither and yon are you?

  17. This is just my speed! I'm going to buy chickens today. This may save me.


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