Sunday, March 22, 2009

Not Your Ordinary Sunday

There were a lot of exciting things that happened today, but they were all usurped by an ice cream sandwich.

This ice cream sandwich:

Jack was happily munching away when he said, "My tooth!" And then he handed me this:

Considering that we lost not just Sam's first tooth, but his second tooth as well, I was pretty impressed that Jack was able to present his tooth to us.

(Sam had been eating spaghetti when he lost his first tooth, so we hunted around in the pasta until we found a small, hard piece of pasta and we told him that it was his tooth. He bought it. For the second tooth, he was eating popcorn in the back yard and lost the tooth. That time we wrote a note to the tooth fairy. Fortunately, the lack of an actual tooth does not deter our tooth fairy.)

Jack was really excited, and more than a little relieved that it didn't hurt. He was also very cute with his gap-toothed grin.

Sam was hoping for something more dramatic than a gap-tooth grin. "I hope he gets new teeth," he said, "that are shiny. And metal." Huh.

I suggested that Jack draw a picture of himself with his missing tooth. The words were no sooner out of my mouth than he sprinted off to find some paper and a marker.

You'll have to bear with me here as I utilize Stimeyland for one of its truest purposes: to record the adorable things my kids do so that I can remember them forever.

I now present Jack's Loose Tooth:

a.k.a. "Jack's Lose tooth"

(That's Jack holding his ice cream sandwich up there.)

"I think a tooth is Lose."

Please notice the shark-like teeth Jack is sporting in that above drawing. And please notice my little genius and his correct use of apostrophes in the drawing below.

"It's Going to come out. 'Hmmm.'"

"It came out! 'It didn't hert'"

That square is the tooth. Originally there was no speech bubble on this page. But as his obvious relief that it didn't hurt sunk in, he added it.

"Hmmm It is Time for bed said mom."

That's Jack in the bottom bunk of his and Sam's bunk bed. They have a dresser that sits at the end of the bed, just like in his drawing.

"a penny!"

Evidently our tooth fairy is not only cheap, but gives out counterfeit pennies that say "5¢." (The tooth fairy really gives out dollar coins. ) Jack thinks that the tooth fairy turns the teeth into the coins.

Excuse me. I'm going to die from the cute for a second.

...And now I'm back. But there's going to be some more cute-dying in just a second because guess what? In Jack's very literal mind, something called "the tooth fairy" looks like a tooth.

That balloon thing? It's actually a "thing" that changes the tooth into a coin.

It makes sense if you think about it. And to Jack, the "tooth" part is clearly more important than the "fairy" part.

There aren't a lot of girls at our house.

Other cool things that happened?

Jack got to cuddle with his nana and read his Tooth Book to her. It's not every day that you get to lose your first tooth in a room full of Mom, Dad, both brothers, AND Nana.

But maybe the best part? Finding out that a missing tooth leaves the perfect opening for a straw.

Honestly, I don't think Jack could be cuter if he tried.


  1. Oh, the cute!

    A great big YIPPEE to Jack for becoming such a big kid today! And not crying about it either! Whoo-hoo and hi to Y.M., Nana.

    - Susan

  2. I am quite impressed by how freakin' BIG Jack made the ice cream sandwich in the first drawing! At his age, it would have held that kind of importance for me too!

  3. I like his tooth fairy. And the tooth fairy's "thing". If it really existed, maybe the government would want to rent it from the tooth fairy.

  4. That's so awesome that he was aware that his tooth fell out. Sometimes kids with autism are not aware of their own bodies. My son was completely unaware a few of the times a tooth fell out.

    AND your son was able to tell about it in a drawn story!!! Amazing! and so cool!

  5. That was very cute! Jonathan can't wait until he loses a tooth.

  6. So adorable! I just want to steal Jack away from you. He's too adorable for words.

  7. He's not even my kid and I'm dying from the cute! Gah! I LOVE his tooth fairy. And man! He spells better than I do. (As well as knows the proper use of apostrophes... something I have yet to master.)

  8. OMG - so stinking cute. I love Jack's books! We lost Einey's first tooth as well. It got knocked out as we were opening a box.

    Back to Jack's book - man he's great at writing and spelling! I need to work on Meenie I think.

  9. Thanks for sharing! Jack is not only adorable, but smart. Very impressive writing for a Kindergartener.

  10. Congrats to Jack!! I loved his first picture that he drew with that big ass tooth! Too cute!

  11. OMG--that is so cute--love the "hole for a straw part" and the drawing of the tooth fairy! :)

  12. Jack.Rocks.Stimeyland! The cuteness is dee-lish!

  13. OMG, the "tooth" fairy. I can't stand the cuteness.

  14. You're right - he couldn't be cuter.

  15. What a sweet story! And let me know if he teeth grow in metal and shiny. You never know.

  16. That's absolutely the purpose of the blog: actually writing down the heart-bursting, adorableness of our children.

    Jack makes me want to hug him a lot.

  17. What did you say about dying of cuteness? I'm having trouble breathing here. Congrats to Jack!

  18. Jake swallowed his first 2 teeth. That didn't deter the tooth fairy. But then he said he only "half-believed" in the tooth fairy and she only left him half a dollar bill.

  19. That is so awesome!! (And quite adorable!)

  20. that is so awesome. I love that book!!! Evan is totally jealous (no wiggling yet).

  21. I honestly have to say the gap toothed grin picture is one of the cutest things I've ever seen and then you start in on his book . . . definitely dying of the cute.

    And Hi to Mom!


  22. Nope, it's official, he couldn't be any cuter. AND I'd like an ice cream sandwich the size that he drew please.

  23. Ack! Dying of cute! The Tooth Fairy? Oh my lord, that's a dangerous level of cute right there. Cripes, you've got great kids! And I say that even though this post is only about Jack (mostly) because I think that any time you tell story about any one of the boys.

  24. That ice cream sandwich needs to be mounted like the huge fish you land on vacation.

  25. This is absolutely adorable! I am very impressed by Jack's beautiful book and level of detail!
    P.S. Colin told me today "I always love Quinn"- awwwww!

  26. I love that he makes such wonderful books to commemorate things. You should photo them and then have them made into a bound collection at shutterfly or something. Wouldn't that be fun for later?!

  27. I especially love the square tooth fairy. I like the way his mind workd! -Monica

  28. Thats the funniest thing I've read in a long time! I love Jack's interpretation of the TOoth Fairy story!
    So with Sam's tooth... since you told him a piece of hard pasta was his tooth... does that mean he ATE his real tooth???? I wonder how long that would take to digest?????

  29. I'm glad y'all's tooth fairy finds the missing teeth and turns them into coins anyway. That is a totally cool tooth fairy. I wonder if she shacks up with our blue bunny.

  30. OMG.

    That is the best-ever Tooth Fairy.

    The best-EVER.


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