Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Commander Blue Bear Goes to Goddard

Quinn's playgroup went to the Goddard Space Center Visitors' Center today. It was terribly fun. The delightful group included such blog luminaries as WhyMommy (Guess what? It was her idea we go there. Shocking, huh?) and Heather from Penny Possibilities. Good times.

I could tell you what we did there and how we learned stuff and had a wholesome good time, but I think you may know that that may not be where I'm going here. When Quinn and I were reviewing our photos after we got home (and laughing hysterically, because he's three, and I'm like a three-year-old), I came up with other plans for this post.*

Also, you should know that Quinn was calling himself Nermal for some reason.

So, without further ado, I present to you:


It's never easy heading out into the unpredictable vacuum of space. But for those with the desire, the courage, the training, and the knowledge, space can be an adventure of the most tremendous kind.

You need a good space craft...

...a good crew...

First Mate Nermal, at your service! **

...and an intrepid leader!

Talk about The Right Stuff!

It's never easy to say goodbye to your loved ones. The uncertainties of space travel make every last second count. And every last kiss all the more special.

Yeah, they're both boys. You got a problem with that? ***

You really should have more of a bone to pick about their questionable hygiene.

Commander Blue Bear is not the type of astronaut to leave anything to chance. He is truly a commander of his entire ship, from leading his crew to checking the rocket mechanics before launch.

Be careful down there, Commander Blue Bear!

Everything checks out okay. Ready to go. T minus...





The unfortunate thing is that the commander forgot to buckle his seat belt. Never forget to buckle your seat belt on a space mission, folks.

Don't worry. He's okay. First Mate Nermal and
Peon Mom extracted him.

And then lots of things happened in space and it was all very dramatic and there were lots of close calls and, hell, let's say they discovered a whole other planet and they named it, oh...I don't know...Stimeyland Bearpiter.

Needless to say, Commander Blue Bear's lovah was happy to see him return.

That's a romantic dip, not a murder.

The only thing left was for Commander Blue Bear and First Mate Nermal to go over the mission reports.

Job well done, men. Job well done.

* I only had to stage a couple of these photos once I came home. I think it might be embarrassing that I took this many photos of a stuffed bear for no apparent reason.

** Or does a first mate belong on a boat? Obviously I didn't learn
that much at the visitors' center.

*** I'm not sure, but I think this may be the first gay stuffed bear astronaut kiss ever published on a blog. We break a lot of ground here at Stimeyland, people. A lot of ground.


  1. Hey, Blue Bear's twin lives up here with my boy! They must have been separated at birth. :)

  2. You are the world's biggest goofball.

  3. This is a classic! I love reading your adventures.

  4. "I think it might be embarrassing that I took this many photos of a stuffed bear for no apparent reason.":

    Wrong, friend, and not embarrassing - you had a very very good reason - you needed to share all of this with US.

  5. Uh, we used to vacation with a stuffed pig that my SIL named Norbert if that makes you feel any better. Mexico, Thailand, Brazil...That pig needed it's own frequent flier card. And, oh, that was before we had kids!

  6. You'd make kids books so much more entertaining for parents to read! Ever consider writing one? I read the whole post with a big smile on my face! :)

  7. Much, much important ground, mind you.

  8. I agree with BetteJo. You should start writing childrens books to entertain the parents. Because as we all know, it's all about me and my comfort level. Thanks for the smile and entertainment.

  9. that's so cute--i love the pics of the bear in the rocket seat!

  10. Stimey and Quinn's EXCELLENT adventure!

  11. That was awesome. LOL

    Wonder what blue bear will be up to next...... :)

  12. Fabulous pictoral. And I LOVE the smile in that last one.

  13. I love museums that allow you to dress up your children. Goddard is definatley on our list for Oscar this spring.

  14. We have Rainbow bear at our house! Maybe we can set up a playdate...your blog was too funny. Looks like a fun place to visit. I will have to get the details from you.

  15. OMG! You are hilarious! I love your groundbreaking report...be proud blue bears!

  16. And yes, folks, Stimey is this hilarious in person. Although how she got all those bear photos I'll never know....

    I should just stop blogging now, and permalink to your site. How freakin' hilarious.

  17. I don't think it's fair that D.C. gets you all to themselves.

  18. Hilarious! I think I must be like a 3 year old too! Sounds like a blast!


  19. 1. I think it is funny that you use a phrase like "terribly fun" but won't use the term "the boys" to refer to your offspring

    2. I know that Q-ball is getting big because he is sporting clothes that Jack was wearing last time I saw them in person.

    3. I miss you Stimey!


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