Sunday, April 12, 2009

Did You Know There's Still a 6:15 in the Morning?

I do. I know this because that's when I was awoken by urgent screaming: "The Easter Bunny came! The Easter Bunny came!"

I don't know why we have to celebrate Easter in a fun-candy-toys-6:15 kind of way when we could be celebrating it in a dull-church-ham-noon kind of way. Why do we have to be so damn fun?

Solid job hiding those eggs, Easter Bunny.

Why is it that even when you hide eggs, like, practically literally in the middle of the room, and most definitely in plain sight, there are always at least two eggs you can't locate right away?

And you should all be pleased to hear that Daisy is still doing splendidly.

I only have to keep her alive for two and a half more days. Although I think it would be suspicious if she dropped dead the day I returned her to the class.

Happy Easter or Passover or Candy/Bunny Day, whatever it is you celebrate.


  1. I think we had our last "relax-have lunch-go to grandma's-then get excited" Easter. This year they discovered that the baskets were full of toys, the eggs were full of candy, and it really stuck with them- I think next year will be a "up at 5" Easter. ;)

  2. Unfortunately, 6:15 is my son's new wake time so I've known it all too well for the past few weeks.

    I'm glad you had a good Easter. We didn't color eggs this year but the hunting (plastic eggs) was fun!

  3. This is the first year I haven't done baskets or hidden eggs. I don't miss the 6:15am part - although they've been too old for that for a long time. :)
    Happy Easter to everybody is Stimeyland!

  4. We got woken about 6:15 with "This is the worst day of my whole life!" It improved when we told her that the Easter Bunny often comes while you're out at church... sure enough, he did! (Is the Easter Bunny a he?)

  5. Happy Easter! You are a bold wench for hiding eggs inside the house.

  6. We had a 6:00 am wake up (hey! it's sunny!) as well, followed by sobs that we did not have an easter egg hunt awaiting us. We've had two leading up but have never done one Easter morning.

    Love your trolls. You'll find those remaining eggs - in June...

  7. My first holiday without the kids (away at college). Sadly, no 6:15 egg hunt, no dying eggs, no easter tree, no bunny dishes. But hey! None of that stupid grass all over the house for weeks.

  8. This year we hid the baskets and the boys had to follow the 'bunny trail' to find them. I laid the eggs out in a trail so that they picked them up on the way to the baskets. No guarantee tat we didn't miss an egg though...I always try to count how many we have but I get distracted around egg 7.

  9. Do you think that beet dye in the Goldfish cracker is a healthy option for that rodent? I hope you used whole grain Goldfish...

  10. Holy crap, what were those Troll things?!?! Dear, those are SCARY.

    It sounds like you had a great Easter this year. :)

    Hell, maybe the hamster died and was ressurected - it IS Easter, you know. :)


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