Monday, April 13, 2009

Loudest. Day. Ever.

Tomorrow the munchkins go back to school. Well, two of them do. One of them (and Daisy) goes back to school on Wednesday. I gotta tell you, it's been an exhausting week and a half. (You may have noticed some gaps in my blogging.)

Every time a long break from school comes up, I get all panicky that we're going to sit around with nothing to do. Then every kid we've ever met decides they want a playdate. We had fun at every single playdate, but oh, dear lord, we're tired.

We had two playdates on Tuesday and two on Wednesday. There was only one on Thursday, but it was Bunnyland, and I could barely walk after I got home from that one. I think we only had one playdate on Friday, but I don't rightly remember.

Then today rolled around. I think today was the noisiest day we have had in...ever. The three little dudes bickered and squabbled and shrieked all damn day. I think the high point was when Jack stole a Tinkertoy from Sam so Sam told him that I was going to kick him out of the family.

That caused a lot of screaming and tears.

I think they might be ready to go back to school. And, yeah, we had fun last week, but after today, I am ready to put them on a bus, like, NOW.

Even when they were agreeable today, they were noisy. We have three balloons right now, so there was a lot of shrieking about, "Keep the balloons in the air!" and when I tried to calm them down by reading to them, there was a lot of, "I'm going to bounce this balloon on your book, ha, ha, ha!"

Then there was the car ride to and from speech therapy. The trip there was less than awesome, and topped off by Quinn's tragically sad whimper-whining, "I'm cold!" On the way home, Sam started yelling at everyone to shut up because he was getting a headache. It was that loud.

So spring break is over. Although summer vacation looms large. I'm worried.


  1. I feel for you! I know exactly how days like that go. At our house they usually start at the crack of dawn and don't quiet down until everyone is in bed. It wears down your nerves real quick. Makes you want to take up drinking! We only have four and a half weeks left of school before summer. God help us.

  2. Kicking someone out of the family is an option? Why didn't anyone ever tell me??????

  3. As I always tell you, you could always homeschool and then every day would be like today.

    The joy, the joy!

    (It's the way I live, remember?)

  4. i so hear you!! I dread the breaks--it's so exhausting to keep the kids from getting bored and then start fighting. This last spring break wasn't as bad--Ethan and James are finally starting to get along--what a huge difference! I hope it lasts.

  5. Oh my god. Summer vacation is too scary to think about. That's why I decamp to LA where there are lots of reinforcements. I would never survive it on my own. Hope you and the little dudes have a great last day. Try not to kick anyone out of the family, you might regret it later. ;-)

  6. Mine were ready to go back, too. Josie was being So Mean to Patrick, and he just has A LOT of energy, so yes.... off they go!!!! PHEW!

    Summer is going to be rough... definitely.

  7. every day that i think it's the loudest day ever, the next day gets even louder. i swear i think my children have megaphones implanted in their larynxes (is that the plural of larynx? thats a voice box, right?) anyway, my husband's side of the family are very loud and ive been blessed with the genetic spawn of said loudness.

    i feel your pain... the big yellow school bus will soon come to take away your pain... :)

  8. I feel you on the lound. Some days it's so loud around here I wish I could kick myself out of my family. And then I remember that I love them and stuff.

  9. We're just starting our spring break. They were perfect until it was time to go to lunch. Then they freaked out. Or maybe I freaked out. So we went home. Nd they have been perfect ever since. Weird.

  10. I'm exhausted too- and I only have one!
    We're sitting watching a Pooh movie right now-
    we are both exhausted :)

  11. April vacation is next week for us. Already planned: three birthday parties, including Gremlin's, one trip to a children's theater, and I may have suggested having, like 10 kids (in addition to my own) to our house for a playdate. Oh, and did I mention Andy's in TX for the entire week?

  12. Worried?? Your kids are going to Camp Stimey this year, aren't they?

  13. My extended blog hiatus makes a lot of sense, huh? ;) I'm lucky to complete a sentence anymore.

  14. Ah. I see we had similar "breaks." Ours started with two unforeseen snow days. Thankfully they went back last week, just before I sold them to the lowest bidder. That said, summer break starts May 15th. I skeered.

  15. You like your eyeballs? I figured you were attached to them. (haha - grandpa humor, aren't I funnY?)

    I thought I would share THIS with you so you can see exactly what you have to look forward to:


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