Thursday, April 23, 2009

Please, For the Love of God, Don't Tell Sam

Today and tomorrow are kindergarten orientation at Jack's school. Seeing as how the kindergarten teachers and classrooms need to be available to welcome next year's kindergarteners, this year's kindergarteners don't go to school today and tomorrow.

Jack is super pleased about that.

Sam is not. He feels it is terribly unfair.

After shoving an unwilling Sam out of the car at drop off, I decided to take advantage of the day, and so piggybacked on my friend L's plans to go to open gym and then a nature center. But first, Jack and Quinn played in the backyard for nearly an hour and shared and cooperated and chatted. They are a good duo.

And remember how Jack was all disconnected the other day, and I was all conflicted? Today Jack was On. His. Game. It was awesome. He was so happy at the gym. The joy on his face was incredible. And, yeah, he mostly played by himself, but he was cognizant of the other kids around him.

It was a totally awesome hour at the gym except for when I was watching Jack gleefully jump on the trampoline and some lady brought a sobbing and distraught Quinn over to the lady who was supervising the trampoline to see if she knew who this neglected kid's parent was. Because he couldn't find me, and was sad. Nice.

Then we continued to follow L and another friend around Montgomery County to a nature area because they were meeting yet another friend there who had to pick up pond water to deliver to a tadpole. I know. I thought it was weird too.

But what wasn't weird, and was in fact super awesome, was the fact that there was a pond to find tadpoles and minnows in. There were geese to honk at us.

There was even a bamboo forest. Repeat: a bamboo forest. Does it get cooler than that? I think not.

Especially if you like to pretend you're a panda bear. And both Jack and Quinn do.

Plus there was mud. And a creek. And a three-year-old who swore that he could walk on the rocks and not get wet.

How long do you think that lasted?

Not long.

Then I bought them ice cream. In an effort to assuage Sam, I bought him an ice cream too, so he'd have one when he got off the bus. He was totally thrilled about it until he found out that his brothers had gotten ice cream too.

God forbid Jack or Quinn tells him what else they did today. (Shhhh.)


  1. Ah-ha -- you guys got your feet wet today too! Awesome.

    It was a pretty perfect day, wasn't it?

  2. what a wonderful day!
    where exactly is that open gym?
    I followed your link to the original post and then to the "official parks" site, but could not find my way to the fun jumping in foam place.

    Will you help, please? I have a 3 year old who has not yet experienced the joy of foam blocks.

  3. I hope the boys were careful while pretending to be pandas. You know how those things catch on fire!

  4. great days alway end with ice cream at my house (and start with coffee for me)! I love mommies who let their kids immerse themselves in their environment!!!

  5. "pick up pond water to deliver to a tadpole" = a prize, though i don't know what for.

  6. .. and you let Quinn do it anyway even though you knew he'd end up in the water! You're too fun!

  7. rella12: Here is the info on the rec center: Fairland Sports and Aquatics Complex; 13820 and 13950 Old Gunpowder Road; Laurel, MD 20707; 301-362-6060

    The open gym I go to is Thursday 11:30-12:30.

  8. I'm so glad its spring so we can all be outside more! I love nature centers! We, too, have to hide what we do from Monkeyboy sometimes, because he thinks its unfair that I do cool stuff with the little kids while he's at school! And next year I guess I'll have to start hiding everything from Little Bear, too!

  9. I thrill to a bamboo forest. And do not jest about tadpole water. Two summers ago my children made $100 selling tadpoles and accompanying water out of our creek (really more of a drainage ditch).

    They developed a company called "Tadpole's Rock," and made flyers and everything. All the parents were thrilled with trying to keep the tadpoles alive and all. It was grand!


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