Monday, May 25, 2009

The Good, The Bad & The Whiny

Today was the first time in a looooong time that was able to spend an entire day with my whole family and not have to be attached to my computer. Hooray! Alex and the little dudes spend a lot of weekends doing fun things while I work. I just finished a big project and am caught up on my other work, so I happily took advantage of Alex's Memorial Day day off.

When we were trying to decide what to do, I remembered that they all went on a particular hike one time that seemed like a lot of fun. So I suggested a hike. Everyone was excited, except for Sam who said that he was sooooooooo tired that he couldn't even contemplate thinking about doing anything as strenuous as (gasp!) walking.

To which we said: Tough damn luck, kid.

Needless to say, after we forced him into shoes and stuffed him into the car, he had quite a lovely time. I mean, granted, I did have to say, "Shhhhhh! People don't come here to hear you whine, Sam!" a couple of times, but for the most part he had a good time.

Right to left: Jack, Sam, Mr. I-Don't-Want-To-Pose-With-My-Brothers.

Disregarding the "thunderstorms probable in the afternoon" warnings as weatherperson paranoia, we then headed over to mini golf. Can you guess who didn't want to go? Can you guess who whined, "Can we find a place that doesn't have 18 hoooooooles? I don't waaaaaaant to golf 18 hoooooooles."?

Can you guess who nearly turned the car around (Hint: his name starts with "a" and ends with "x".) in a classic I-Will-Turn-This-Car-Around-Right-Now!!! moment, and then who talked him down off that metaphorical ledge?

Can you guess who ended up being forced to play mini golf? Can you guess who had to be threatened into being pleasant? (And if that's not a paradox, or ironic, or whatever, I don't know what is.)

Can you guess who got the last laugh when it started to thunder and lightning at hole number seven and we were forced to leave the golf course?

But then it got way better. It's amazing how a sudden change in plans can sometimes make all the difference in mood. It started when we all laughed together at the people fleeing the adjacent pool who had towels over their heads so they wouldn't get wet.

Then we had a whole science conversation about rain and lightning and lightning rods and houses catching on fire and how if you're in the desert and there's a lightning storm you should lay flat on the sand so you're not the tallest thing around and then Sam said, "Yeah, so you're shorter than a cactus," and then he asked about different kinds of clouds and we talked about evaporation and there was some talk about Benjamin Franklin and it was awesome. And somewhere in there it stopped raining.

Then, we wrecked it by dragging them to the grocery store.

There was a minute when I thought Alex had Quinn and Alex thought I had Quinn and we had just started to panic when I looked over at the doughnut case and saw a little blond head near a closing doughnut case door and a grubby little three four-year-old hand clutching a doughnut.

And then we bought doughnuts for everyone and things were good again. Right up until we were leaving the store and saw the torrential rain that had started. I drew the short straw and ran to get the car. I was outside for about a minute and was soaked to the skin. But on the plus side, I was driving, so I got to drive through puddles and create waves of water. I always like that.

All in all, there was more good than bad whiny. It was a pretty good day.

I'm hoping to get more of these days soon.

Edited To Add: For those who asked, this trail is located in Rock Creek Park just off the parking lot at the end of Beach Drive in Chevy Chase. The parking lot is to the left where they close Beach Drive on weekends.


A post on Quinn's birthday/birthday party is (probably) coming up soon, but I wanted to direct you to the blog of one of our guests, who made the most adorable card for Quinn that I have ever seen. She has an etsy shop, and does fantastic custom work. You should all buy your cards from her.


  1. Love the hike photos, particularly the one of the three boys walking like ducks in a row. They even got the birth order right!

    Jean, could you email me where you went hiking? I think we will have to go there and do the same. It is lovely!

  2. sounds like a great great day! Though you should know never to end a really great day with grocery shopping. Amateur. :P

  3. Something to look forward to: uncooperative children.

  4. FINALLY. Back to what's truly important, blogging, chatting with me, and your family.

    I want to know your excellent secret hiking spot too.


  5. I'm so happy that you like the card! Sounds like a fun hike...will you reveal the secret location??

  6. OK, so you don't know me, so hope you don't mind random visitors to your blog...
    I agree with the comments wrt the hiking photo. Although, notice how the youngest is slightly out of step with his two older brothers? : )


  7. Quinn isn't out of step - he just marches to his own drummer!

    Loved your story. :)

  8. Aw, what a fun day! I'm with Quinn on this one: If no one is watching you the very best place to be is by the donuts. He is wise beyond his years.

  9. Oh. my. god. I LOVE driving through puddles - and so does my mom so it must be hereditary. There's a big, big puddle near the parking lot for the girls' school and we always stand there and wait for cars to go through it.


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