Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Rock! (You Know You Do.)

I may be scarce for the next few weeks. I have two birthdays, two birthday parties, two videography projects, my regular job, the end of school, and three or four panic attacks to plan.

Blogging just may get pushed to the bottom of my list.

But first I want to show you my eyebrows:

I was lucky enough to be invited by Jessica Knows and Whrrl to take part in a Mother's Day pampering event the day before Mother's Day. I joined Jessica, @twincident, @1momof5, @chictots, @meglyn, and @shortpumppreppy for manicures, pedicures, and my first ever eyebrow waxing.

For comparison purposes:

Jack has super cute eyebrows, huh?

It was a lot of fun. And now I look way girlier than I did before. Can you guess which toes are mine?

(I'm the orange pants on the left.)

It was a lot of fun. I'd like to thank Whrrl, which is a cool social network that lets you share "stories" online. It was a great way to start my weekend. Thanks also to Joey Totes, who sent us home with some of their reusable grocery bags. Their bags are totally cool. If you are inclined to buy any, use the coupon code "JTs ROCK" to get 10% off your next purchase.

Mother's Day itself was really nice too. My family let me sleep in until they couldn't take it any longer and had to wake me up to give me gifts. They've been sneaking around for the past couple of weeks doing things, and I was curious to see what they had come up with. Among other things, I was presented with these:

Aren't they the best? Nice job, Alex! I'm trying to decide where I want to put these. I think they might look really nice over my desk where I can look at them every night.

I also wanted to show you this photo from Quinn's preschool Mother's Day Tea. Just because it's cute.

Also because I needed a reason to tell you that on the card the teacher puts together for the moms, when she asked him what I looked like, he said I was blue. But with brown hair. I know I haven't said it here for a while, but that kid is crazy.

But we weren't the only ones celebrating Mother's Day today. Our porch bird's eggs hatched!

And, oh my God, they're freaky!! That's a really bad photo, because I couldn't get my camera up high enough because of the stupid roof. And then these birds started chirping really loudly at me, and then Alex started claiming that I was wrecking the bird's Mother's Day, and even though I'm pretty sure that birds don't celebrate Mother's Day, I started feeling bad, so I abandoned my attempts to capture Skeletor Birds on Film and retreated back into my house.

I know a lot of you are mothers. Pat yourself on the back for doing a really hard job. I wish you all a heartfelt Happy Mother's Day!

(Avian mothers included.)


  1. Okay, your kids are adorable. And I love the eyebrows. ;-)

  2. happy mama's day right back at ya, lady! (funny, you don't look bluish).

  3. Happy Mommy's Day, Stimey! You rock!

  4. Wow, they really waxed ya!

  5. You said it...Mothers Rock! I'm so sorry to have missed the whrrll event. We were in Rehoboth for a beach volleyball game. Love the eyebrows. I might need to take the plunge myself.

  6. I looove getting my eyebrows done. Makes me feel far less disastrous.

    Be careful with the baby birds (although we do expect updates) you don't want the mama bird to get all upset and abandon them. Didn't you always hear that threat as a kid?

    Happy Mother's Day. Have a panic attack on me!

  7. love your toes (ps, jealous too).
    love the handprints - so cute :)
    eyebrows - rockin' :)
    And how apros po (sp?) is it that the birdies hatched on/near mothers day. In your porsche... i mean porch.
    happy mothers day!!

    pps- love the new look o' the blog too!

  8. love the handprints! And the egg's outside our kitchen window hatched too...and our cat hasn't caught the momma yet thank God.

  9. I always feel so much more complete when my eyebrows and toes are done. Probably because those are the two things I despise doing myself the most.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  10. Glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day - and the eyebrows are great! I've never had any of that stuff done, not even a manicure. Sounds like a great way to spend a day!

  11. With that agenda i am not sure how you'll fit four panic attacks in. But with that agenda you'll probably need to have 6 or 7... good luck!

  12. Love the eyebrows! and the hand prints are adorable.

  13. This post cracked me up. I mean, what's a panic attack if you haven't scheduled it in?! Love the eyebrows, toes and Mother's Day gifts!


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