Sunday, June 14, 2009


Jack's attention is a coveted thing. Many people crave it, not a lot get it. I wouldn't say he is stingy with his attention, but often he doesn't really seem to notice people he doesn't know well. However, every once in a while he finds someone that he is instantly attracted to. Those people then have a little Jack-attachment for the rest of the day.

Jack found one of those people the other day when we went to visit my stepbrother and his family, whom we rarely see. I don't know what it was about her, but Jack instantly fell head over heels for one of his cousins.

1. Can you tell which cousin it was?
2. Could he look happier?

We went to lunch with them (and my mom, who is visiting) then walked down the mall to the movie theater. Jack happily rested in his cousin's arms the whole time. I have to say that she is an incredibly strong girl. Jack weighs at least 45 or 50 pounds. I find it difficult to carry him very far.

We went to see UP at the movies, complete with much uncontrolled sobbing (Quinn), some crawling into parental laps (Sam) and a side of anguished wailing of, "I am heartbroken!" (Jack). Maybe do a little extra thinking if you are planning on taking small children to see the movie. Although I thought it was a great movie, you know, trauma aside.

Jack continued to sit in his cousin's arms for the walk back to the car, but he was so emotionally wrung out that he was nearly completely limp. I've never seen anything like it. It was as if he were entirely empty.

Again, trauma aside, it was a wonderful afternoon. We're planning on seeing them again later this week. I'm interested to see if Jack gloms onto his new best friend again. I just hope she's been doing her bicep curls in preparation.


  1. I love it when my kids find a special buddy like that.

  2. My niece is the kid magnet, Jack would love her. I'm glad he judged your niece worthy.

    Re: UP. Pixar is definitely learning from its Disney big brother. You get that cute stork short, then the toothless girl, then POW!

  3. Lovely photo! Are all the boys cousins? there is a real family resemblance.

    AND, if Jack were standing UP : ) then the four boys would be 'stair-steps'. (That term 'stair-steps' is from my childhood - meaning several children ranging from littlest to tallest. It may be a regional term.)

  4. Wow--you are making me think twice about seeing Up!

    What a sweet friend he's made!

  5. Jack does look incredibly happy! But the movie thing sucks. Doesn't look like a movie that would make kids cry for goodness sakes!

  6. My boys are suckers for girls with long legs.

  7. I went camping this weekend and saw a 5 foot rat snake who was cruising along rather quickly. Yuck.


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