Sunday, June 28, 2009

CSCA*: Week 2—Government & History Week

* Camp Stimey Coming Attractions!

Please keep in mind that all Camp Stimey Coming Attractions are subject to the whims of Stimey. You just never know when I'm going to decide to trash Constitution Day and decide to make it Nail Cutting Day instead.

It's been known to happen.

Alex just informed me that my small children won't enjoy the National Archives, so I guess I don't get to see the Constitution this week. Stupid young kids.

Jack has a playdate (yay!) on Monday, so we're going to drop him off (fingers crossed!) and head out to the library to find some books on the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the American Revolution, and the three branches of government. And, knowing Quinn, some books about puppies.

I've printed out a bunch of pages from the internet ("the tubes") for my little dudes to work on over the course of the week. There are some good places if you google things like "bill of rights kids" or "branches of government kids" and whatnot. I've already forgotten from where I printed my worksheets or I would link to them. (Sorry.)

The rest of Monday and Tuesday are looking kind of busy for us, so we might stick to doing some learning about history without field trips. Maybe we'll put out our baby pool in the backyard.

Wednesday is going to be See Real Live Government Buildings in DC Day. I actually have us scheduled to go on a tour of the US Capitol. I can't believe how dumb I am. As I was clicking the "Reserve Tickets Now" button, I was like, "Oh dear lord, at least one of my kids is going to cause a national security breach and we're going to end up on the news." And then I clicked on it anyway.

Free tour. The US Capitol. Team Stimey. What could possibly go wrong?

I think that's about all we're going to be able to handle on Wednesday. We might drive by the White House and the Supreme Court building. If, that is, we're not in some sort of Capitol Holding Cell.

Thursday we're going to try to visit Alex downtown for lunch and might try to hit the American History Museum.

Here's a tip for any of you who visit museums or other attractions. Before you go, always check their websites to see if there are activities to do at home or at the museum with your kids. I find that almost every museum has these. And if they don't, that might be a red flag that the museum is not "child friendly."

Interestingly, there were no such pages for the US Capitol Tour.

Alex has Friday off of work, so we might just hang out that day and maybe learn about the American Revolution in preparation for the fourth.

I was trying to think of a place to have a Camp Stimey meet-up for my internet buddies ("tubes friends"), but couldn't find a good time or place to fit it in. I think if I try to do it in a place like a museum, I'll just spend the whole time chasing my kids. We might do better in a fenced location. (Hey! Maybe at the Capitol Holding Cell!) I'll try next week, when we have more than four days.


  1. Join us at Wakefield! It's a fairly fenced place (I can let my guys run OK), its a colonial farm, and its the birthplace of George Washington to fit in with camp...

  2. You are bonkers. I would recommend scheduling in some naps, because going downtown is TIRING. Is Alex very excited about this week? I think this excellent civics education should garner you some points on the wife front.

    This is my coming attraction for the week, pick blueberries, yell at my kids. I am awesome at planning too.

  3. I am in awe of your willingness to risk arrest to educate your children. Can't wait to see the results - uh . . . or the rap sheet! Lol!

  4. Good luck with that...

    FYI, MT has some great, kid friendly museums about Lewis and Clark. Maybe you could fit in a flight out here? ;)

  5. Do you guys own the "Schoolhouse Rock" DVD? There are some catchy gov't-related songs on there (though the Multiplication Rock tunes are our faves).

  6. Maybe you could have them memorize the Declaration of Independence or something. You should say the pledge every morning, and sing the National Anthem.

  7. At the American History Museum there is an awesome area for kids called the Spark Lab. Matt takes Colin and Kennedy there often and they do all sorts of great projects, check it out! The capitol tour sounds great... I'd love to tour it sometime (but I think I'll wait until Kennedy is a bit older!) Have a great time!

  8. I have schoolhouse rock on VHS tape if you'd like to borrow it. Also, I don't work on Wednesday, so let me know if you need help posting bail or whatever to get out of the Capitol holding cell.

  9. I was going to suggest SchoolHouse Rock too! Hey, LMK if you need me to bail you out of the Capitol Building's holding cell. I'm going to be in DC and can at least stop by to take a photo for your blog post!

  10. i'm so impressed--the most learning i'm doing with my kids is the library's summer reading program. :) good luck with the tour!

  11. Very cool! My son currently is loving the book House Mouse Senate Mouse which might be great for next week.

  12. When A and C were about Sam's age (pre-9/11), Brookside Nature Center had something like Backstage DC camp, where everyday they went somewhere in DC, like backstage at Ford's Theater and underneath the Capitol. It's some of their best summer memories. Good reminder to take advantage of all the stuff so close by.

  13. I'm like a million years behind in my reader, but yay for Camp Stimey! YAY!!!


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