Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Now That I Know You Like Camp Stimey, I'm Going to Talk About Brushing My Dog.

Yay! Guess what? Y'all like Camp Stimey! I'm totally delighted to hear that. That means that I now feel empowered to blog ad nauseum about silly details of our summer.

I'm also pleased that those of you that followed along last year tell me that I came across as a competent and creative mom. I'm happy to hear that competence/creativity is what comes through instead of buffoonery and dingbattiness.

(Although I have a feeling that some of that comes through too.)

Now that you're all excited about Camp Stimey though, I have to tell you that we didn't do camp at all today. When I said yesterday that today was going to be Personal Grooming and House Cleaning day, I wasn't kidding.

I took Sam to get his hair cut (Jack and Quinn politely declined). I cut everyone's finger AND TOE nails. (Thanks for pointing out that my three kids can't have 60 fingernails, Magpie.) I Furminated the dog. I even did Day One of the fucking 30-Day Shred. Which is not technically grooming, but somewhat related.

I got stopped in my little dudes' bedroom on the house cleaning. After three weeks of house guests, that place was a disaster. I made Sam go under the bed to bring out all the crap that gets dropped down there. Evidently he found some ants and I suggested that this might mean that he's been sneaking food into his room and he claimed that they were non-food eating ants and there has never ever been a Gogurt or a [petrified] cheese stick in there. Ever.

And then he did a lot of complaining that I was making him go under the bed with the biting ants ("I think one of them was kind of red, Mom.") and how it was terrible and all. And then I told him that I couldn't care less, but when he was done I gave him a dollar and let him play video games.

So tomorrow is going to be Boat Day, with a side of Cleaning the Rest of the House. Cross your fingers that there is no more fossilized cheese and that we all return safely from whatever boat we end up on.


  1. I think you have to have some buffoonery and dingbattiness in order to be competent and creative. You need elements of all of it.

    I just tried to brush my cat. He hates it. And my vet wants furminators outlawed. Okay, my cat is too old and his skin is too thin. But a big ol' fluffy dog? I say - have at it!!

  2. Following a particularly harrowing Tuesday around here, my husband insightfully mentioned that there really is no dignity in this stage of parenting.

    Buffoonery, by accident or design, is inevitable.

  3. I'm doing the 30 day shred as well! Can you still walk? Or was I really that out of shape?

  4. I can relate to house being a mess..I had so many house guests last month and then expecting atleast three different families next month .. Summer comes and people think we have hotel or something.. it is driving me crazy..

  5. I think today is going to be laundry day at our boat day sounds like so much more fun. I am going to have E help with the laundry, since he insists on using his shirt as a napkin (when he has a real paper napkin in his other hand)!!!! Maybe it can also be "throw your own trash away" day instead of hiding it in the couch cushins...Arrrrrgh!!!

  6. Pirate Adventures in Annapolis - very fun. Ants under bed, very scary. (I have a bug thing.)

  7. Will boat day = paddle boats in the Tidal basin?? Oooooh, that would be my vote!!

  8. Dude, I brushed our dogs today, too!!!! Seriously, the amount of hair that comes out of those creatures is just CRAZY. It makes me hot just looking at it! From Baci alone I get a ball the size of a cantalope.

    Also, in preparing for the new couch tomorrow, we moved our old one into the garage until the girl we're giving it to comes to get it, and I had to face what has collected under it. Egad.


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