Friday, June 26, 2009


There is nothing like an hour-long bus journey to make you happy that you have a car.

Our car had to go back to the dealership today to get its seatbelt fixed. Lest you're worried that this is our last Team Stimey Goes to the Chrysler Dealership story, don't fret. They ordered the wrong seatbelt so we're going back next week.


Fortunately, we still had much that needed to be taken care of on the car, so leaving it there all day was not a waste. I may have mentioned to you that I was planning on throwing the munchkins on a bus to get them to the dealership when the car was ready. Well, that was an awesome idea. Especially on a million-degree day.

Bright side: it wasn't raining.

So here's what happened:

4 p.m.: I got the call that the car would be ready soon. They told me they would call me back when the paperwork was ready so I wouldn't get there too early. Needless to say, I left immediately.

4:12 p.m.: And by "immediately" I mean "after several minutes of forcing kids to pee, put on shoes, and stop dicking around."

4:14 p.m.: Our bus departs the bus stop.

4:15 p.m.: Team Stimey arrives at the bus stop and looks sadly at our bus driving away.

We learned several things while we waited in the hot sun on the side of the road looking wistfully at the cars driving by, the most important of which is that waiting for buses in the hot sun is NOT fun.

We also learned that traffic seems to go a lot faster if you're trying to keep three kids safely away from it on the side of the road that if you are safely seat belted (grrr...) in a car.

We learned that Sam can complain A LOT.

And we learned that complaining doesn't make the bus come any faster.

Eventually the bus came and we piled on. The bus was packed, so we all stood. Of course Jack almost instantly charmed a guy into giving him his seat. Jack had a little group of four adults that he chatted with, although the guy he took the seat from was his primary target. I have to say, all that therapy we drag Jack too has made a huge difference in him. He didn't stop talking for the entire bus ride, which was 20 or 30 minutes. And he had his new buddy laughing and giving him high fives and chatting.


Finally enough people got off the extremely hot bus that we Sam and Quinn got to sit down. I stood in front of them and noticed that Quinn's sweaty head kept banging on my leg. It was because Mr. I Don't Nap at Home had fallen asleep on a crowded, noisy city bus.

I wish I could show you a photo of how hilarious he looked, but even I, who will take photos almost anywhere, was too intimidated to do so on a bus.

Naturally I made us get off the bus one stop too early, which resulted in making Sam extremely angry (and whiny) at me. Then he spent the next four blocks we had to walk whining about how hot is was and how tired he was and how he was going to just sit down where he was.

And even though before I had kids, I swore I would never tell them, "Okay, we'll go without you!" I went ahead and told him, "Okay, we'll go without you! I think you might be sad and hot here on this corner." (I was a waaaaaay better mom before I actually had kids.)

It was kind of a hilarious journey. And for all the complaining, it really wasn't all that bad. But the best part was when we walked into the service department and my cell phone rang. It was the dealership calling me to tell me my car was ready. And that incredible timing kind of made the whole thing worth while.


  1. Team Stimey rocks! You couldn't have PLANNED a better arrival. ;-)

  2. Were you standing in front of the person who was calling you? 'Cause that woulda ROCKED. ;)
    Go have wine. With a straw. :)

  3. Still stuck back on the whole Jack-workin'-the-bus-crowd thing and Quinn falling asleep against your leg! LMAO.

    Hope the damn car is fixed so you don't have to leave Sam on anymore street corners! ;-)

  4. Oh my gosh! My car was in the shop today too (you can see pictures of how I hit a tree in my very own driveway) and I VERY NEARLY took a bus with the kids to go pick it up too. (And after reading this, I will NEVER have that crazy thought again!) But the mechanic called to tell us that it was ready, although not even fixed (ordered the wrong part - what are the odds of this???) at 6pm. And even I would not take 4 kids on a bus in rush hour traffic heading straight out of town. So I STILL have no car. And we will not be taking a bus anywhere!

    But that whole expedition was probably worth it to see Jack showing off his skilz.

  5. And PS - when I saw the title, I totally thought this was going to be a 30 day shred post!

  6. We were all better moms before we had kids.

  7. We're all better moms before it happens! I love that line - lol!

  8. too funny! And I agree, everyone is a perfect parent until you have kids!

  9. Do you have enrollment availability? Can Michael go to camp stimey?

  10. Don't be scared to take pictures on public transit. I do it all the time and those pictures are HILARIOUS years later.


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