Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Camp Stimey Mid-Week Report

You may be aware that I am bailing on Camp Stimey for the rest of the week, due to a small event with my 1399 closest blogging buddies. However, I prefer to think of it as not "bailing" but rather "expanding" Camp Stimey to include 1399 other people. There will, however, be a small offshoot, which I will call Camp Alex, a.k.a. Camp Video Games and Camp Possibly Forget to Feed the Cats.

Boot Camp Week didn't go super well. Although I did teach my children about R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Although the short one on the left is kind of half-assing it.

I had all kinds of plans to make them run drills and do obstacle courses and stuff, but my shortened week somehow filled up with appointments and playdates, which my kids enjoyed just as much.

On Monday I taught my kids about the branches of the military, which they suffered through with semi-glazed eyes. Then I pulled out the water guns.

They had a really fun time. Interestingly, they operated mainly as a unit and were not especially interested in shooting at each other, which I though was very cool. But whenever I ventured away from our "no shooting zone" (the refill bucket), suddenly they were very interested in shooting at people. Mainly me.

Thanks to Jen at Our Daily Big Top, who suggested a bucket of water for a refill station, which resulted in me not having to traipse back and forth to the hose over and over. Plus the dog had a place to drink.

Although after Jack used her as a target, she retreated back inside the house.

Unfortunately, the small water guns I'd bought at Target proved to be mostly defective, so they're going back to the store. And I was forced to bring out our heavier artillery from the garage.

That pose is pretty indicative of Sam's intentions all afternoon.

On Tuesday, my mother's helper took the water-filled bullet and agreed to play water guns with them.

On Wednesday, I had all my ideas for obstacle courses collected from the internet. (Thanks for the tip, Kirsten!) But then I instead hosted a playdate with one of Jack's friends, who is also special needs. That was a toughie. I think they played together for maybe 15 or 20 minutes out of two hours. But they both had fun. And I'm really proud of Jack for the effort he made.

Posting may be spotty for the next few days, due to BlogHer Week(end). Next week is going to be Geography Week. We're going to have all kinds of (quiet) fun as I re-hydrate, sober up, and process information overload recover from my trip.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week. If I'm going to see you in Chicago, hooray! If I'm not going to see you there, I'll miss you. I really will. You know who you are.


  1. Oh, have fun!! I love Chicago (the little I've seen of it). Wish I were going! I bet the boys miss you so much they go along with everything you have planned for CS next week.

  2. Chicago... don't forget to go to Medieval Times.

    We're having Weather Week next week, after I get back from my ETS meeting this weekend, the one that prevented me from getting to go get schnockered with you in Chicago. :( But maybe we can link up Geography and Weather somehow. Or maybe Andy will just draw some pictures of dinosaurs to mail to Sam. Whichever. ;)

  3. What will I do without my Stimey fix? Have fun at BlogHer. I'm totally in next year!

  4. That short one on the left looks like he's shielding his eyes from the sun. Either way, he's cute.

    Have fun in Chicago and yes, my boobs hurt just typing this comment.

  5. I'm not sure Quinn is cut out for the military but Sam has clearly got the right stuff.

    I'm making it to BlogHer next year. I've already had several offers from people willing to hide in the bathroom with me and hold me hand. Now if only I could supply a gerbil shaving roommate. Um, that sounds a lot dirtier than I meant for it to.

  6. The boys looks so happy and carefree in the second photo! (is the meadow clover, or dandelions, grass, whatevever?)
    Hope you enjoyed the blog conference!

  7. Did you actually go to Medieval Times? I would doubt it with everything going on but I just discovered (because I am SO aware of my surroundings) that I work only about 3/4 of a mile from there. Eh? I didn't know!!
    Anyway, hope you enjoyed our city. :)

  8. Boot camp week? OMG, I need to try that! Since this is my last week with Rafael until school starts, maybe I'll wait until September and do Afterschool Bootcamp with him and Little Bear!


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