Sunday, July 5, 2009

CSCA*: Week 3—"Ology" Week

* Camp Stimey Coming Attractions!

We're celebrating the sciences next week at Camp Stimey, specifically those that end in "-ology"—paleontology, archaeology, and geology. Plus another fun activity on Tuesday that is not really science, but I'm going to tie it in with archaeology.

Basically, I want to go to Luray Caverns, so I figured out a way to work it into a theme week.

It's also Jack's first week of summer school, so we can't go out during the first half of the day and have too much fun without him. Plus, he might be tired when he gets home, so I'm going to try to keep it kind of mellow.

I've found all kinds of activities online that we're going to do. I saved the links this time, so if we do them, I'll let you know what they are in the Saturday Summary. There are so many cool sites to find science activities for kids. I kind of got lost in them, which is why I didn't finish writing this post last night. One that is very pertinent to this week is Ology. (I named my week before I found this site, thank you very much.) Another cool one is Good Sites For Kids and I also found a site that offers free power point presentations on just about any subject. Of course I don't vouch for the scientific accuracy found on any of these sites.

Monday is going to be Preparation-ology Day! We'll go to the library, the hardware store, and the craft store for the supplies we're going to need for the week. I could also call this Errand-ology Day. Or maybe Do A Lot of Pacing While Waiting For Jack To Get Home-ology Day.

Tuesday will be Letterboxing Day! I have been encouraged to go letterboxing by my blog-friend Whirlwind. It's like an outdoor treasure hunt. I have my clues all printed out and ready to go. And it may pain my sister, who has a master's degree in archaeology, but I'm going to use this as a lesson in tomorrow's day, which is Archaeology Day. (Yes, Ann, I know that treasure hunting is not archaeology.) I may set up a treasure hunt in our back yard too, complete with map.

Wednesday will be Archaeology Day! (But you already knew that.) On Monday, we will have prepared a "dig" in a foil pan that we will excavate on Wednesday. Maybe I'll bury stuff in their sandbox too.

Thursday will be Paleontology Day! It would make sense to go to the Museum of Natural History on this day, and I would, if not for Jack's school. We'll see how things go. If he's not too tired when he gets home, maybe we'll trek down there. Othewise we're going to be coloring pictures of dinosaurs.

Friday will be Geology Day! I'm excited about this day. We're going to make stalagmites and stalctites at home. We're going to look at rocks and sand under our microscope. We're going to collect some rocks and maybe make sand art in bottles.


Friday will be the very first Camp Stimey Blogger Meet-Up! We'll be meeting at a Montgomery County nature center in the afternoon. We'll run around and play. If anyone wants to go on a nature walk, we can do that too. Or we can just sit and chat while our kids embarrass us in front of all the other parents.

You know I'm all about the safety and the not disclosing too much information on the internet (ha!), so I'm not going to publish details here. If you want to come (and this means YOU—all are welcome, as long as you're not a psycho), email me at stimeyland at gmail dot com.

Saturday is Luray Caverns Day! I am very excited. Hopefully not excited in a "We're going to the U.S. Capitol way!" but more in a "No one is going to get lost in a dark, cold cavern!" kind of way.

We'll see how it goes!


Plus, Sunday is a DC-area Pre-BlogHer meet up at National Harbor, organized by the fabulous Devra. You don't have to be going to BlogHer to attend. RSVP here.


  1. Maybe for Archaeology Day you could have a dig at the site of the relocated ant farm!

  2. Oh let me know how letterboxing goes. We got the girls up to a 3 mile hike yesterday (that included looking in a wolf den (google Isreal Putnam and Wolf Den) and an Idian chair and snakes and bull frogs and a child whom we though fractured her hip 1.5 miles in and almost needed to be carried out. Luckily, we cut an adult tylenol in half and she got distracted by reptiles (she's totally fine now, but had taken a nasty digger)!

    It's a rare occurrence though and the first time someone got hurt. Lots of fun!

  3. Stimey,
    First, my family went to Luray caverns when I was a child. We kids loved it - especially the stalactite (sp) music, and the 'fried eggs'. (That is, rocks which look like fried eggs. Or maybe I'm thinking of somewhere else.)

    Now, you don't know me. However, since you mentioned Luray, *IF* you're somewhere near the Washington area, you may already know about the old town Alexandria, VA archaeOLOGY museum. More details are here:
    It's near the Torpedo factory arts center...

  4. If you enjoy letterboxing, you should give geocaching a try -- our favorite family pastime. I think there are a lot more geocaches out there.

    Sounds like a fun week!

  5. So Friday...send me details, I'd love to go!

  6. I love going in caves. We hit them whenever we travel somewhere that has them. We live close to Mark Twain Caves so have been through them several times. Sounds like a great week planned

  7. Luray Caverns are completely and totally awesome. But bring sweatshirts--its chilly in there. Have a great time!

  8. I know this doesn't fit into Ology week but Luray also has a little antique car museum which is fun. They don't do formal tours of the caverns any more but hand out individual headsets -- one track has a kids version which is set up a little like a scavenger hunt (look for the fried eggs, . . . I forget everything) and the adult gives a little more detail. Can you tell I was there on a 3rd grade field trip in June?

    It was a huge hit with all the kids in my group.

  9. We JUST went to Luray Caverns over Memorial Day weekend. The kids really enjoyed it!

    We also went to the Luray Zoo there, which was pretty cool (it's not a full zoo, but like an animal park -- you could see it in a couple of hours).

    And I highly recommend the old fashioned ice cream stand that's located near the WalMart (on your way into Luray). They have a host of delicious treats!

    (feel free to send an e-mail if you need some more info on the Luray area...)

  10. Oh, I'd love to come on Friday! But, Josie has camp this week, and there's an awards thingie at 3.:(

    The MD Sci Center has a new travelling exhibit - chinese dinosaur skeletons. That might work well if you need to extend archaeology time. :)

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