Sunday, July 19, 2009

CSCA*: Week 5—Boot Camp Week!

* Camp Stimey Coming Attractions!

When I mentioned that this week would be Boot Camp Week, Sam asked, "Is that where we learn about boots?"

Yes, Sam. That is where we learn about boots.

While I love the idea of a whole week dedicated to dragging my kids along while I shop for boots, I don't think they'd go for it. Plus, I can't afford it. So instead, boot camp week will consist of me forcing my kids to do all sorts of calisthenics while I sit in a chair and yell things like, "That's not fast enough, maggot!"

Or, you know, something to that effect.

And really, we may not even get that far. I only have three days, because I'm leaving town on Thursday morning. And it turns out that our entire party is not old enough for the field trip I was going to plan, which was to play laser tag.

I think I'll end up teaching my kids a little bit about different branches of the military and we'll run some drills. Maybe I'll set up an obstacle course for them. I'm not really sure how complete Boot Camp Week will be.

But I will make them call me "sir" for as long as I'm in town.

Edited to add: Idea! Water gun fights! We're totally going to have water gun fights!


  1. Water gun fights -- perfect.

    And thanks for the tip about cluttercast. I'm reading through the archives on her main blog now, and I'm fascinated.

  2. What's going to happen to camp stimey when you are at Blogher?

  3. For the water gun fights, fill up a big bin/beverage bucket with water. That way the kids can fill up their own guns without any help or messing with the hose. It works great.

  4. I just love all these ideas. I can totally see them marching in formation. Chants! You need chants! "I don't know but I been told!" ("I don't know but I been told!") "Doin' chores gets mighty old!" ("Doin' chores gets mighty old!")

  5. too funny! water gun fights are a great idea!

  6. Well Jack already has the cammo!

  7. How about an obstacle course? Google 'child obstacle course' - all kinds of easy ideas - like laying ladder on the ground to step through.


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