Saturday, July 18, 2009

CSSS*: Week 4—Sports Week

* Camp Stimey Saturday Summary!

Sports week was a lot of fun. Sam has been really into sports recently. We got a huge batch of sports chapter books awhile back from Cluttercast and Sam has been racing through them. He's even picked up some fun lingo from them, which I find endlessly entertaining.

Since he's been reading them, he's been insisting on playing a lot of baseball in the backyard and basketball in the driveway. Whenever we go to the library, he says that he will read anything about sports that I can find.

"Sports are my main hobby," he says.

So it was a natural that this week would be Sports Week.

Day 1—Golf Day!

We have done a lot of miniature golfing in the past year or so. So much golf that my kids are kind of tiring of it, so we've taken a little break from it. But there is one place we mini golf that has a driving range too, and that has caught their attention. Sam really badly wanted to go "real golfing."

Alex bought Sam a kid's golf set and they've been practicing in the backyard, but on Monday when Jack was at school, Sam, Quinn, and I headed out to the driving range.

It went better than I could ever have expected.

We got a jumbo basket of balls, and it was almost too many. Fortunately, it was enough to keep Quinn busy while Sam hit balls. He really liked the tees.

When Sam got tired, I took a turn while he played with my camera. Please note my excellent grip on the tiny golf club.

Sam was actually kind of good at hitting the ball. He even had some of them roll out to the 75 yard sign post. See that one I circled? That one is in midair after he hit it. Of course, not all of the balls made it that far.

We did go on a Monday morning. I'm not sure we're ready to go on a weekend, when there might be more people there. We had a couple of pretty erratic shots that had there been any "real" golfers nearby, they might have had a problem with them.

Day 2—Field Hockey Day!

I have a mother's helper that comes twice a week to play with my kids while I work. (Or twitter, but don't tell her that.) She called me Monday night to ask if she could bring her field hockey gear over on Tuesday to teach my guys how to play.

How totally cool is that?

Jack didn't really have a whole lot of interest in field hockey, but Sam and Quinn did. I took a break from industriously working twittering to take some photos. Look how awesome!

Quinn was a little small for the gear, especially the gloves, but he put his game face on and went for it.

I really enjoyed Guest Camp Counselor Day. Particularly because I could watch from inside my air conditioned house as they played in the hot backyard.

Day 3—TV and Vomit Day!

We didn't do sports on Wednesday because Jack came home early from school after throwing up on the bus. I didn't know if he was sick or not, so I canceled all our appointments and let my guys watch TV and play video games for much of the day. Plus, we had a dryer repair guy come by between eight and noon at 1:30, so we just hung out and chilled.

Day 4—Soccer Day!

We went to our regular Thursday morning soccer game on, well, on Thursday. Per usual, we had a lot of fun, half on the playground, half on the soccer field.

Quinn tends to do things like wander off into the shrubbery when we're at soccer. A few weeks ago when he did that, he found a baseball, which was pretty much the highlight of his life. Well, this week, he found another, different baseball.

"I am the baseball king!" he proclaimed.

Now I just have to teach him to fine tune his baseball-finding mojo so he can find precious metals or something.

Day 5—Football and Baseball and Basketball and Stimey is About to Pass Out From Exhaustion Day!

Evidently my kids don't know how to play football.

And they're a little haphazard about baseball too.

I forced my friend to go to the park to play baseball with us Friday morning. It was sweltering. And there seven thousand gnats that really enjoyed my face lotion. It was a little miserable. But the munchkins had fun.

Although our outfielders left a little something to be desired.

We came home and recovered and then set out in the afternoon for our Camp Stimey Meet-Up. Threat of rain and tired toddlers kept almost everybody home. Which gave us an opportunity to play a little basketball.

Sam made his first two shots. It was cool. Then my friend Heather and her kids showed up and my kids promptly forgot about the basketball court. Fortunately there was a playground right next door. And even though it drizzled on and off, we still had a great time.

Not one to let a Camp Stimey Meet-Up pass by without some sort of inadvisable high place behavior, Jack decided to corrupt younger minds as well.

Things went along swimmingly until Sam started asking when we were going to have our playdate. When I informed him that we were AT our playdate, he spent a little bit of time sulking. But he eventually pulled his shit together and had more fun.

Jack and Quinn, who hadn't been on the basketball court at all, made their way over there and did some weird stuff.

The two of them have developed this really cool relationship. They play really well together and talk and laugh and have a great time. Sam used to be the glue that held these two together, but now they're creating their own intimate relationship independent of him. It's really cool to see.

Unless their own intimate relationship involves playing fun games they both enjoy, such as Let's Fill Jack's Socks With Sand. That's less cool to see.

I'm sure Sports Camp will continue for the rest of the summer in a less formalized way. But I consider this week to be a smashing success. Or, better yet, a bouncing success.


  1. Yay, sports week! And our apologies to Sam for now showing up and saving his Friday playdate. Joey has now named his tooth fairy "Sam." I think your kids were a hit here. ;)

  2. Yay for sports week. We sort of did sports week this week as well.

    And by that, I mean, Meenie had soccer camp all week, so Einey and Moe were forced to entertain themselves everyday by running around the track or riding their scooters around the track. Occasionally they stole a soccer ball and kicked it around a bit. That was all fun and games until Einey fell off the scooter and got road burn all over her knee. There was also alot of afternoon swimming. And sulking too.

  3. What is it about filling socks with sand? My kids can't seem to get enough of that. We could have sand toys everywhere and they will go straight to filling socks???

  4. I think I would enjoy filling socks with sand, there is something satisfying about the process. They would have to be somebody else's socks.

  5. I totally think that we should give Quinn a metal detector on Thursdays and let him loose in the woods while the rest of the kids are playing soccer. I can only imagine the treasure trove of stuff he'd come back with!

  6. Awesome. I got tired just reading this. I bet you all slept really well after all that.

  7. Those are the cutest damn outfielders EVER!

  8. You have the best kids! Your kids have the best mom! Camp Stimey is the best! Sports week is the best! Your blog is the best! The pill I took this morning for my back pain is the best!


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