Friday, July 10, 2009

Failure Addendum

When I was listing this week's failures, I forgot a couple of things. I forgot to mention that my house is a big fat failure of filth. You should see this place. I have lost any bit of interest in cleaning my house that I may have ever had. It's getting dire around here.

Plus, my friend gave me a used 100-piece puzzle the other day, and Sam and I sat down to do it yesterday. Only there were only 69 pieces in the box. Well, 70 if you count the random other puzzle piece that didn't belong to our puzzle that was in there.

On the plus side, Sam seems to have developed excellent comic timing and dry sarcasm. After he determined that the puzzle was unsolvable and wandered off, I continued to try, having not yet counted the pieces or accepted that a third of the puzzle was missing. ("I'll show him!" I thought.)

Perfectly timed and great tone of voice: "Good luck finishing your impossible puzzle."

When did my sweet young child turn into a funny grown-up kid? At least that isn't a failure.


  1. Awesome! He has learned from some of the best.

  2. Sarcasm - well done, funny, sucessful sarcasm - from your child? No way! ;>

    Sorry about the puzzle, that sucks.


  3. Yah, Yah. I have the damn puzzle pieces. My five year old was all, "Oh they're behind my dresser." Like, Duh.

    Also, I did not notice that your house was particularly dirty.

    Also, I also tried to warn you about the sand.

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  5. Oops, typed the wrong name.

    I meant Sam is too funny. He doesn't say much, then he puts out a zinger.

    At least that was an approximation of what I meant to say.

    Its been one of those days.

  6. Sarcasm = awesome. Very nice. :)

    Well, you have learned science... just what's impossible, that's all! No biggie! uh, yeah.

    Sorry for all the frustration. Maybe the messy house has some science experiments for you to discover, like in the couch or something? :)

  7. Maybe you could interest your kids in looking for science experiments *cough cough* under the beds, on the window sills, etc!? It's an idea . . .


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