Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Getting the Mail is My Favorite Part of the Day. Sometimes for Very Good Reason.

You may be aware that this week is Geography Week here in Stimeyland. You may not, because there's been a bunch of other stuff that I've been blathering on (and on...and on...) about. Regardless, waaaaaaay back when I introduced Camp Stimey this summer, my friend Whirlwind suggested that maybe we could do a pen pal exchange to celebrate Geography Week.

And awesomely, today a package from her and her kids arrived in the mail today. Oh, man, were my kids excited!

Funny story about Whirlwind. I'd linked to her in a post about letterboxing and one of my readers clicked through on the link and found pictures of Whirlwind's kids, who happened to be personal, in real life friends of hers.

Yes, I'm outing bloggers all over the place.

I tripped on this for days. And I still don't know who Whirlwind's friend is. Say hi, Whirlwind's Friend!

So back to the package. Not only did it have very cool geography related items inside, but it had her return address on the label. Now, if that's not an invitation to pack my clan in my car, drive them to her house, drop them off on her doorstep for Camp Stimey Abandonment Week, and then watch and laugh from my stalking spot in the bushes, I don't know what is.

You should be careful when you send me things.

Anyway, not only were there awesome books in the box, which my kids thoroughly enjoyed and which are going to be my textbooks for the rest of the week, there were also other things.

That's one of the books. And Jack.

There was a leash, which was promptly claimed by Quinn for his stuffed puppy, Poof.

Much happiness ensued.

There was also a set of Dr. Seuss badges. I don't know how Whirlwind (I can't stop typing "Whirldwind." I have done it every single time in this post. It's like when I try to type "Bethesda" and always type "Bethesday" instead. Sometimes my fingers can't control themselves.)

Um. Where was I?

Oh, I don't know how Whirldwind Whirlwind knew how much Jack likes badges, but he is always drawing them on paper, cutting them out, and taping them to his shirt in order to look more like a boy scout.

This was even better. He was thrilled.

Although the "I am Sam" button might have worked
better on a different one of my kids.

And (I know, awesome box of goodies, huh?) there was a packet of sponge animals in capsules. Sam was overjoyed. How is it possible that there was one thing that each of my kids fell in love with? I think Whirlwind is psychic.

Although most of my kitchen ended up wet after
they were done playing with these.

Whirlwind, you are awesome. Thank you! You have a package coming your way. I can only hope it brings your daughters as much joy as you brought to my kids.

And expect my kids anytime after Thursday.


  1. Whirlwind is definitely awesome. And you can send the little dudes down to me for Camp Stimey Sleepover anytime you want. Except for the week when we're at the beach; then you have to drive them to Ocean City.

  2. Sweet package! Her kids are adorable! On an unrelated note--if we wind up with a gerbil before year's end, you're coming over to clean the cage! ;-)

  3. Glad they like them. The girls loved picking out things to send!

    And if you show up outside my house, your more then welcome to come in and play. My girls might not let you leave though.

  4. There is something very special about magic gifts coming in the mail. Kids ALWAYS love it the little dudes look to be no exception. How cute!

    Oh, and every day at work I have to type the word specimen. Every single time I type "speciment". After 20 freaking years you'd think I'd get it right!

  5. Whirlwind's FriendAugust 1, 2009 at 12:55 PM

    Proof that it's a small world even on the internet! Good to know there's someone else out there surviving with 3 boys!

  6. Whenever I want to write "moth" I always---ALWAYS---write "mother" and have to backspace.


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