Friday, July 10, 2009

"This Camp Doesn't Carry Enough Insurance."

We were mid-Camp Stimey meet-up when my friend E busted out with the most apt phrase of the day: "This camp doesn't carry enough insurance."

True that.

Let me back up.

A small but dedicated (and fabulous) group of campers met the regular cast of Camp Stimey at a nature center to hang out and cause a ruckus today. My friend E and her kids came as did my friend (and blogger) Urban Mama and two of her kids. There were supposed to be more attendees, but things came up (as they often do). We missed you and hope that you can make it to the next Camp Stimey meet-up.

We had a great time. This particular nature center is the best because they have a lot to do. There is a canoe and a hut, an area with old-timey log cabin furnishings, a play room with toys and small reptiles, and several birds.

They also have a large room set up to look like the outdoors, complete with pond (and live turtles and fish!), a bridge, animal taxidermy (I know. But the kids like it.), and even a cave for little guys to climb through.

There are no ropes or signs telling you where to go or not go, but it's pretty obvious. You know, unless you tend to look at the world a little differently.

I have never been so surprised in my life as when I looked up at the top of the cave only to see Jack petting the stuffed animal as far away from the ground (and safety) as he could possibly get.

To my credit, I dropped my camera and ran to save him instead of taking a photo. So you will have to accept my artist's rendition.

I know this photo is not easy to decipher.
Just know that he was up high and far away.
It was REALLY disconcerting.

Of course by "save him," I mean, "go stand by the cave entrance and start counting from one to three over and over to cajole him down."

To his credit, he came right over and came down.

"I was being careful. I was keeping my balance," he kept telling me. I didn't want to yell at him because, really, it was not clearly marked that you weren't allowed up there. But then again, I wanted to impress upon him that he had been in the wrong place. Poor guy. He definitely got the message, but I think he was a little confused.

Now aren't you sorry you missed that?

And if you're not sorry you missed that, aren't you sorry that you missed the forced hiking we insisted our kids do?

But we did see some cool animals. Even some that weren't wards of the nature center. For example, we saw either the fattest otter known to humankind, or the least beavery-tailed beaver.

And even though it was dicey for a while, we didn't lose a single child. Although mine were definitely the most ill behaved. And most likely to wander off.

It was definitely, finally (mostly) a Camp Stimey Ology week SUCCESS! Thanks for coming, E and Urban Mama! Team Stimey had a great time with you!


  1. I'm jealous!!! I had a totally craptastic day, and it would have been so much better if we'd gone with you guys!!!!!! Next time, I'm all over that.

  2. We love that place and wished we could have joined you but nap time was needed by Captain Computer and his super tired mama. I'm definitely up for the next Camp Stimey adventure and can offer my teacher field trip skills to perform constant head counts!

  3. Even enlarged, I can't tell what that animal is!! What IS that?? Seriously?

  4. I can't believe I missed this. Oscar would have had so much fun. We are absolutely making the next one.

  5. OMG. Looks like so much fun. I just love the cabin.

    We do a lot of the "forced hiking" with our kiddos too. Hopefully one day they thank us for it though lol.

  6. Yes, we're sorry we missed out on the fun. :( We went to Snead's farm and got soaked in the industrial-size farm sprinkler instead. But I know the guys would much rather have been with your little dudes.

  7. Might the mystery animal BE a groundhog?

    They seem to like to build their burrows around roads and paths. Or, maybe it just Seems that way, because that's where I see them. Plus, they put on weight during the summer:
    Or, if not a groundhog,

    I like your idea that it is a very heavy otter. Notice the front wheel of its vehicle to the far left of the photo - clearly it isn't walking enough to maintain a healthy weight!

  8. Oh fun! Except the Jack's rock climbing expedition. Yikes! I'm sorry I missed it! I have no IDEA what I was thinking when I thought I might have time to get out the day before having 3 birthday parties in a row. I didn't even SHOWER for 3 days!

  9. I just went to the nature center with the cave last week for the first time. As soon as I saw the cave, I had a flashback to this post. You were right, the picture in the post doesn't accurately reflect how high up, far away, and close to falling in the pond Jack actually was. Oh, my! I am really sorry I missed that outing!


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