Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Why Gerbils?

In the wake of formalizing the tagline of Stimeyland to be "life. autism. gerbils." by having it printed on 300 pens, some of you have asked, "Why gerbils?"

I know. It's confusing. Because, really, what the fuck do gerbils have to do with anything?

Let me explain.

(1) Life. I write about my life. Pretty self-explanatory.

(2) Autism. I have an autistic child. Hence, autism is a pretty big part of my life right now. I write about autism.

(3) Gerbils. Somehow I started writing about gerbils a lot. I'm not quite sure how it happened. One of our preschool teachers had a class gerbil and then my friend got a couple of gerbils and then I pet sat her gerbils and before you know it, I was writing a damned gerbil blog.

Anyway, everything about gerbils cracks me up, from the way they look to their absolutely ridiculous name. Gerrrr-bbilll. Ger-bil. Gerbil. It's funny, right? I am assuming that everyone thinks gerbils are as amusing as I do and therefore sees the "gerbils" part of my tagline the way I do: as a signpost that I write a humorous blog.

So, to recap: Life implies that I write a memoir-style blog, Autism implies that one of my main topics is autism, and Gerbils implies that I am hilariously funny. Perhaps erroneously. Maybe it just implies that I'm kind of random. That works too.

And "life. autism. gerbils." is a lot shorter than the paragraph above.

Although when I showed Alex my new Stimeyland pens, with the pontificating gerbil and the tagline, he gave me a weird look and said, "You are a strange woman." And then when I copied the pontificating gerbil pose in the kitchen, he started laughing. So clearly I've proven my point.

So if my six-word memoir is "Always chasing three boys; usually laughing," my three-word memoir can be "life. autism. gerbils." I could do worse for a couple of credos.


  1. One of life's great mysteries, solved at last.

    Thank you for the enlightenment.

    Have a great time at BlogHer!

  2. Makes perfect sense to me.

    Wait. Did I just say that? Does this mean I am turning into a Freak of Nature because I'm on your wavelength??

  3. Gotcha. I love that gerbils crack you up as much as they crack me up--remind me to show you the way my mom taught my sisters and I to hold them when we were very little. . . it's a riot.

  4. Why NOT gerbils, I ask?

  5. You didn't need to explain it to me, I mean - what else would it be???

  6. I can totally see you doing a "gerbil pose" in your kitchen.

    Have fun at BlogHer!

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  8. Wow. I laughed the moment I discovered the tag on your blog. So did Allan. We were both like, "That is SO frickin' perfect, and SOOOOOO Stimey. Why aren't we brilliant like that on OUR blogs?"

    Seriously. I can't believe you had to explain it to people. The absurdity is just so absolutely perfect. Maybe we're just soul sisters or something, and I'm attuned to your sense of humor. ;) (Would that be a bad thing?)

    (Sorry about another comment delete, another typo. Because I suck.)

  9. it's a great tagline--makes you think! ;)

  10. I get it. :) Unfortunately, when I think of gerbils, I think of some story where some guy inserted a gerbil in a very dark place. I wanna see you do THAT gerbil pose!

    I wonder what my 3 word line would be? Oh yeah, since I couldn't use "What the F?" I used 'Tis My life!

  11. my sister's kid - in first grade - read the word "gerbil" out loud as "ger - bill". Hard "g", stress on the "bill".

  12. I've never liked gerbils. Never. They were always the not-Hamster for me. That said, we've managed to kill two hamsters so far, so no small, fluffy pets for us. If I snag a pen, it'll remind me to laugh every time I use it. That's exactly why it needs the gerbils tagline! Oh and if you see me and you happen to be hungry, I'm bringing clif/protein bars. Not so clever, but practical I guess! :-)

  13. I totally love the tagline. Have fun at BlogHer!

  14. We just read the six-word memoirs book in my book club!! Loved it. Mine was: "Persistence, such persistence! And now, tired."

    Can I also say that I am _addicted_ to your blog. Seriously. It is laugh-out-loud funny, and I always feel better after reading it. So thanks, for all you do.

  15. I am hoping that I can add a Stimey pen to add to my collection of things I've stolen off of Stimey this year (which includes my most precious Visit Stimeyland luggage tag and your wallet -- sorry about that last one.)

  16. i'm so impressed that you have such a great credo and that you had the foresight to put it on a pen. i am still trying to work out if i really want to haul around a bunch of business cards and how one would go about getting them made inexpensively and in time for next week.

    i definitely want a pen, though...


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