Sunday, August 2, 2009

CSCA*: Week 7 & 8—Vacation Week(s)!

* Camp Stimey Coming Attractions!

The next two weeks of Camp Stimey will take place in Wisconsin. And a little bit of Michigan. In that we are going so far north in Wisconsin that we are driving up through Michigan and crossing over to the upper peninsula.

Yeah, you heard that. Driving.

MapQuest says that our first day of driving will take us 11 hours, which means that it will take us approximately four weeks.

Our vicious attack dog will be running Camp Stimey at home, with the assistance of our former police officer neighbor who is house sitting. So keep your burglary and stalking plans to a minimum.

Posting may be spotty due to the fact that we are driving to the middle of nowhere to row a boat around a lake. Seriously. That's pretty much what we do there.

Never fear though! I'm sure my twitter stream will be active, much to Alex's annoyance.

See you for Week 9: Animal & Nature Week!


  1. Lol, Lol... excellent! You'll be sort of in my neck of the woods (except for I prefer shopping to rowing boats around lakes) If it's not too far out of your way you should check out Mall of America (it's not even an hour into Minnesota from Wisconsin!)

  2. Driving may almost be preferable to driving these days, what with the unreliability of flights, etc. Of course I am assuming your will be packing valium or something similar. For the kids, not you!

  3. Oh! Oh! Hope it is awesome and devoid of vomit, tantrums, and accidents.

    Have a great time!!!

  4. I pray you got the portable DVD player with the headsets! The only thing worse than 11 hours a day in a car would be 11 hours of Sponge Bob.

    Drive safe!

  5. O!M!G! Get me some chocolate-covered dried cherries from Traverse City if you go near there!

  6. Have FUN. 2 weeks in the middle of nowhere sounds like heaven with mosquitoes...

  7. I wonder if you will be in the place of my childhood yore...Crivitz, WI? If you are in that area, I loved going to the Ski Cats Show on Saturday night if they are still doing it. It's a fun waterski show on the lake. love your idea about Camp Stimey.


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