Tuesday, August 25, 2009

CSSS (Camp Stimey Summer Summary)

Well, Camp Stimey has closed up shop for the year.

I had planned to fill last week with Animal and Nature Week. But my vacation hangover lasted longer than I thought it was going to. Plus Sam and Jack's school had sent home a bunch of activities to be done over the summer. I didn't feel like it was super necessary to do all of the activities, but the reward for doing them is to be on the Wall of Fame in September and I know that really matters to Sam. Evidently it really matters to Jack too, because once I asked him if he wanted to do the activities and be on the Wall of Fame, he buckled down and started doing the activities without a lot of coercing.


It seemed harsh to make them endure an arduous Animal and Nature Week (Go see butterflies at the nature center! Go on hikes!) while also doing a summer's worth of work at the same time. Plus it would have required me to do some planning. So, no more Camp.

I'm pretty proud of myself for the summer I gave my kids though. We didn't do as much journaling or workbook completing as I thought we would, but I managed to get through the summer making my kids happy and excited to do things. We didn't just sit around the house wanting to kill each other, which I think is a good thing.

In case you're taking notes for next year, or maybe just to make myself feel good about what I did this summer, I now present to you my Camp Stimey Summer Summary! (Hey, I wasn't APISS Woman of the Week for nothing.)

Week 1: Transportation Week! This was one of my favorite weeks because it was so easy to come up with activities. Camp Stimey 2010 will definitely have a Transportation Week. Maybe we'll go skydiving. (They let 5-year-olds skydive, right?)

Week 2: Government & History Week! This week was also a great success, with museum trips, a tour of Alex's office, a day out with Joeymom, and fireworks. This was also one of the most tiring of all the weeks. You try dragging three kids around the American History Museum two days before the Fourth of July when everybody else within a 50-mile radius of DC had the same idea. This was also the week of the most ill-advised outing we embarked on: a tour of the US Capitol. Oy.

Week 3: "Ology" Week! Remember this week? It was my excuse for dragging the family to Luray Caverns, a.k.a. The Most Awesome Place Known to Human- and Gollum-kind? We did manage to fit in some fun all-things-science activities, even though Jack's summer school completely intruded on Camp Stimey's time slot.

Week 4: Sports Week! Also a good week. Poor Jack didn't get to participate much in Sports Week, aside from the WNBA game I dragged everyone to. (Funny how I'm always dragging everyone everywhere, huh? In my defense, they always almost always have fun once we're there.) We covered a good number of sports that week though: golf, field hockey, vomiting, soccer, football, baseball, and basketball. You may disagree with me that vomiting is a sport, but in Stimeyland, it definitely counts. In fact, it is one of our more popular sports.

Week 5: Boot Camp Week! Also known as Stimey Half-Asses Camp Stimey and Gives Her Kids Some Squirt Guns Week! This might have been the munchkins' favorite week.

Week 6: Geography Week! This is when it all started to fall apart. Okay, it all started to fall apart last week, but this is when it really started to fall apart. Here's a tip: don't do the week with all on-paper activities a month and a half into summer. Your kids will be bored to tears. We still have our half-finished map taped to the wall.

And there you have it. Let's try not to focus on the fact that summer is far longer than six weeks. Remember that we were on vacation for two of those weeks, which I'm counting as The Most Awesome Camp Stimey Field Trip Ever! (With a side dish of disaster.)

We had guest campers and guest counselors and meet-ups and lots of ice cream. I think you can call that a success.


  1. And the end result? Three happy dudes and parents with most of their hair left - huge success! Love the pictures. Have a great school year, team Stimey!

  2. I think you did an awesome job. I'd like to think I could get that motivated if I wanted to but we'll see... :)

  3. I want to be an honorary Camp Stimey kid next year. That's one kick-ass summer of fun and mayhem. I'm with Kirsten---here's to a great school year ahead!

  4. lots of great ideas there--i'm so impressed. i wouldnt' have made it through summer without Ethan's camp. :) i'll have to borrow some ideas for xmas break!

  5. You're incredible. I'm worn out just from reading all that! Definitely sending my kids to you next year.

  6. Wow that seemed to go by so fast! But I would give you an A+++!!!

  7. Is that Sam laying in the back of the pretend ambulance? Why does the look of pretend agony on his face crack me up so much?

  8. PS. It just occurred to me that you never finished Minnesota on your map. I want my drawing of a fat woman!

  9. i appreciated the inspiration to make next summer a better one. i think my kids would really enjoy something like this. now i just need you to give me a reminder in may to plan ahead!


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