Sunday, August 16, 2009

Where I Am: The Far Lamer Edition

Not quite as scenic as the last place I was.

We got home from vacation yesterday at about three. Of course we were thrilled to see that all of our pets were alive (and almost pathetically happy to see us) and that our house hadn't been burglarized, but I am deep into post-vacation-I-don't-know-what-to-do-first-syndrome.

So naturally I sat down at my desk, started reading blogs, watched some trashy TV, and joined Facebook. The laundry will be there tomorrow, right? Alex went to a Phish show, so I didn't even have him to motivate me ("Jean, I've set a timer. When it goes off, I need you to move the laundry to the dryer." It's like I'm 10 and he's my dad.)


Okay, I'm back. The timer went off and I had to move the laundry.

Speaking of Facebook, I have always sworn that I wouldn't ever sign up. I'm completely annoyed that I did. I don't plan on spending a whole lot of time over there because I just don't have time to. But moments after requesting that one of my best buddies from high school friend me, I was chatting with him. And it was great and warm and fuzzy.

Plus he reminded me of something I'd forgotten, something I discovered when I worked at a restaurant that served deli meats—The Pastrami Beast.
What? Where did you think pastrami came from?

Also, thanks for this, Facebook:

But that's okay, Facebook, because I have my own little trio of friends. I now present some moments from a vacation, featuring Team Stimey Jr.

(And, yes, I promise to write a short post sometime. I'm sorry I'm so damn verbose.)

Ah, hotels are awesome and fun.
Especially if the TV is showing The Incredibles.

They really enjoyed throwing rocks into the lake at our cabin.

Look! They built a playground JUST FOR MY KIDS!

We do a lot of mini golfing on vacation.
Here Sam is pretending to be like the wooden badger on the course.
I love that my kid will do things like pantomime being a badger when I ask him to.

Again with the camoflauge. When will I learn?
At least this time he was on an island, so he can't get away.


What is a cabin without smores?

Driving from our cabin to Alex's aunt and uncle's cottage.
Rock on!

Lake Michigan! Awesome. But freezing.

And who doesn't love a campfire? That's Quinn's Harry Potter-style broom.
We brought it home with us.

Well, it's not a three-pronged slide, but it'll do.

We also eat a lot of ice cream on vacation.

This is a good way to be ON Lake Michigan without being IN Lake Michigan.

They're in thier clothes, not their swimsuits.
Do you think that stopped them from jumping in the freezing water?
I think you know the answer to that.

I'm sure I'll bore you more with more talk of our vacation. (Don't forget Jack's adventures.) But now I have to go check Facebook and clean off my desk.


  1. I'm on Facebook and will be your friend.

  2. So glad you're home safely! Looks like you had a great time! I'll look for you on FB!

  3. I just read another blog a couple of minutes ago - and she just joined facebook and it sucked a whole day away before she knew it. Sigh-h, I gave in about Twitter but I can't do facebook. I promised my daughter I wouldn't. :)

  4. what a great vacation--i so hate the feeling of not knowing what to do first when I get back from one. :)

  5. that camo photo totally had me fooled - I was all, wait, where's kid #3?

  6. I love that our desks look so similarly cluttered...right down to the Diet Coke cans on the right hand side!!!

  7. I'm off to stalk you on Facebook! PS, the vacation looks wonderful, aside from the disappearing Jack part.

  8. Those are, without a doubr, THE best three friends on the planet. Who needs FB when you have them?

    Welcome home. And, welcome to FB hell! Bwahahahahahaha!

  9. you know what I got from this post, I'm going to be the lone facebook hold out.

  10. I sent you a FB request- welcome to the time suck. Seriously -kicked my kids outside on this super hot day so I can be in here on the computer uninterrupted. I don't hear any screams yet.

    I LOVE the three pronged slide- I need one! Of course, my kids would fight over who gets to go in the middle on and the left and right....

    WHats that cool ratf thing? I need one of those (of course, then I'd need a lake as well).

  11. Looks like a wonderful vacation. What great pics!!! Three pronged slide is AWESOME. Welcome back. I can't believe Alex didn't take my guys with him to the Phish concert (that's their favorite band :) ). I'd love to have you as a facebook friend (which I also swore I wouldn't join, but it sucks you in!)

  12. Man, oh, man, I love that last picture.

    Welcome back!

  13. The camo picture kills me! I *actually* did not see him until I read your caption and looked back at the photo again. Priceless.

  14. From the pics, it seems like you had a fabulous time camo, ice cream, freezing lake, three pronged slide and all! Welcome home!

    I'm glad you joined FB even because I'd be your friend any day!

  15. Does this mean I have to give in to the darkside and sell my soul to the Facebook devil too? 'Cause really now all the cool kids are doing it.

    I'm sure it made the pastrami beast fiend (and/or friend) very happy to be able to chat with you though. He's been trying to talk me into joining for quite some time! :)


  16. YAY! I missed Team Stimey! How cute is that picture of the 3 of them in the bed?

    I'll be your friend on Facebook, but I only go in once every few weeks, quickly approve friendly people and run right back out. Too many world colliding in there.

    Gotta go. MY laundry timer just went off!

  17. It was great to share a campfire with Team Stimey. How did you manage to leave the cottage as neat as a pin? Amazing!

  18. DAMMIT. It's ten minutes until 11:00 PM and I just remembered that my sheets and mattress cover are in the washing machine. I should have switched them over a couple of hours ago.

    So, thanks for reminding me. Thanks to you, I'll only be up an extra hour instead of two or three, or sleeping on a nekkid mattress.

  19. I totally need a timer too or a Twitterified laundry alert or something. I'm with Sue...I do Facebook, but it totally is too many worlds colliding. I adore that last shot w/ the dock!


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