Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Kids' Room

Here's a little something to make you feel happy about how your kids' rooms look. I was reading my friend's blog the other day and she posted some photos of her daughters' room that she and her husband had just repainted. I had no idea kid rooms could look like that. It is so cute and clean and styled and...girly. Let me tell you, my kids' room is not like that. It is utterly unique. Unique.

Here's a tease:

The wall-drawing is not something I'm pleased about. But at this point, we're not bothering to paint until they're much (much) older. The cave art has stopped under threat of death and dismemberment, but Alex and I have sort of decided that aside from drawing on the walls, it's their room and they can put pretty much anything they want to on the walls. Their room is definitely an extension of their fun little selves.

I deep cleaned their room today as part of a whole-house deep clean/decluttering project that I'm undertaking over the next week or so to keep my sanity and also to jump start the triumphant return of my decluttering blog, The Junk Pyramid. Once all three of my kids are back in school, I'll be posting there a lot more. ("More than nothing?" you ask. Yes. More than nothing.) I have all kinds of posts almost ready from my summer of decluttering and tips and ideas for you. I'll be sure to let you know when it's back up and live.

But until then, I'll keep you boggling with these photos of my kids' (for now) immaculate (if somewhat...eccentric) room.

This is what you see when you walk into the room:

That's Quinn's toddler bed there on the left, although Sam has been sleeping in it lately. The bunk bed is a full bed over full bed, purchased with the belief that they would be less likely to fall out of a full bed. (Knock on wood, they haven't fallen out yet.) We also bought a bunk bed without a ladder in hopes that it would keep a then-two-year-old Quinn from climbing to the top.

Instead, he just got really good at climbing.

Here's another corner of their room:

That cord is the vacuum cleaner cord. Jack and Quinn's clothes are in the dresser. Sam's clothes are in shelves in the closet. The adorable rug is from IKEA. The artwork is mostly by Sam.

Here's a better look at their art wall:

That snail picture in the middle hung in my room when I was a kid. We have planets hanging from the ceiling. (The ceiling light functions as the sun.) Also, those are Quinn's feet.

This is the corner of the room that has the room door in it:

On the upper left is an art project that we did at Jack's third birthday party. It's a train. Each party guest drew a picture for Jack on a train car. I love that train.

Here is the wall opposite the bunk beds:

I have gone through so many permutations of what this shelf (from IKEA) holds. It used to be toys, but they were too messy. For a while, there were books and art supplies on it. Then at some point six of the cubbies were used to hold the little dudes' clothes. I'm trying to go with a less visually cluttered look (HA!) and hoping that it will be harder to make a mess if there are only books on it. And a gajillion stuffed animals.

Here's the last photo—Quinn's bed corner:

My mom bought that bed for $50 when Sam was two and half years old. We have definitely gotten her money's worth. I had to sit on the bottom bunk to get this photo. And then the dog (see her there) jumped practically on top of me as I took the picture.

And there you have it. I think these photos tell you a LOT about my family. Now don't you feel a lot better about the state of your walls?


  1. Wow, your Expedit looks waaaay better than our Expedit!

  2. Not that bad, because Hello, you can SEE the floor. Or maybe because the vacuum's there, you cleaned up first....

    LOVE the Jack train - it's really great.

    And if Einey saw the reptile parking sign, she'd totally beg me for one (so, um, where did you get it?).

    Here's another de-cluttering link for ya-

  3. I usually attack my girl's rooms when they are away for the weekend, off at camp or head back to school...basically whenever I know they won't be home for a while. It makes ME feel so good!

  4. Curse you, now I want to go back to IKEA. (Must resist. Must resist.)

    So happy to hear that the Pyramid will soon be back in business. I have a lot of decluttering and organizing on my fall to-do list.

    Hope school is going well.

  5. I am literally afraid to go into my kids rooms.

    xo, SG

  6. I think the room looks great. It's so "boy". And heck, you've got three boys in one bedroom. I'm just amazed that all four wall are still standing.

  7. I'd like to invite your guys over to decorate Nik's room; their room has so much personality! To me, that's way more important than looking "nice."

  8. Actually, I think yours are pretty fabulous, as far as kiddo decor goes. I spied Cars decals on Quinn's walls - Sally and Mater if I'm not mistaken. We've got a different set of Cars decals on ours. Great minds think alike...or shop at the same discount shops, whichever.

  9. Luckily my kids don't draw on the walls (watch- I probably just cursed myself), which is good since we rent the house! But, they do like to hang things on the walls like their creations and stickers. I guess I don't worry about it too much because they are so proud and it's not permanent!
    Your boys' room is so fun!!

  10. I may feel better about the state of their walls, but feel worse about the messiness of their rooms. You should see how bad it is, but you won't b/c I am too darned embarassed. Hee hee! Good job making their room look great!

  11. Just came back and noticed Quinn's card hung above his bed...awwwww!!!

  12. nope. Mine are covered in excrement, pen, footprints, blood and mustard.

    And that is just Boo's room!

    Love the pics babe, that is a KIDS ROOM! Not an overly styled showpiece but a room that lets their personalities shine.

  13. Wow. That room is SO CLEAN. I can hardly wait for the guys to go to school this week so I can get cracking on their rooms!

  14. Re de-cluttering blog. HURRY. I need help! advice! encouragement!

  15. Honestly? I love that room. And I love seeing someone else putting all three of their kids in the same bedroom. We do have a small house - but we have three bedrooms. I moved the twins in with Oliver when I could no longer stand the two bedtime routines madness and wanted to streamline. It's not great looking (a toddler bed and two toddler mattresses on the floor), but it works for them. And every morning I get to see a new tabeleau of sleeping children. They're like a pile of puppies.

    Your boys will have such great memories of their fun childhood and their "boy" bedroom that was stamped with their own personalities and interests.

    And it's SO clean. Good de-cluttering!

  16. I LOVE this room! I have 4 girls in a two bedroom house. Three have slept in the same room for 2 1/2 years now. We are just now moving the 3rd girl in with the 4th.( almost 1 year old. ) My 5 yr old informed me she "will be 6 soon and she needs her own space!" They were sharing a single bed...sleeping feet to feet. Anyway...I said all that to say....when you cram all the clothes, shoes, toys and trinkets of 3 creative girls in one becomes beyond packed.'s just their life right now. And I think your boys have an awesome space!! Their artwork is the decor...and it's awesome for a boys room. If I could get my girls to draw and paint in only pink and purple to match their walls...I'd do just what you have. When did we decide our homes have to be staged for a magazine all the time?? Thanks for sharing!

  17. I'm pretty sure if I let them decorate their bedrooms w/ art it would look pretty much like that. We save our art wall for the kitchen and mean mommy throws it out every couple months or so and they're forced to start again. love the tour!

  18. Okay, I've read this post more than once and just noticed that your reference to the girls' room is in MY house. Thank you for the complements! And as an FYI - it hasn't been that clean since the pictures were taken. And all the junk that I couldn't stand and removed from their room, is now in ours (and has been for too long!). That is one room I wouldn't dare take a picture of.


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