Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Several Small Things

* I have a tattoo dilemma. I want one and Alex is cool with that. But he doesn't want me to get it/them where I want to. Read Tattoo You? over at DC Metro Moms.

* I reviewed my friend Melissa's Etsy shop. Go read my review, and then go buy her beautiful, handmade cards.

* School is still going well for both Jack and Sam. (Yay!) Although I practically had a heart attack today when the principal called me. Turned out that he just wanted to make sure that our transportation was all straight. Also, Jack came home with a full lunchbox today. He'd decided to buy school lunch (pizza) instead of eating his own lunch. Doesn't that seem all grown up and self-sufficient? My guy.

* Today was the first day of Goon Squad Sarah and Devra's Biggest Loser Mom Contest. I wish all of my fellow contestants the best of luck and hope that they lose a lot of weight, but I'm here to let you know that I totally plan on winning.

* Quinn's black eye ("No! Don't talk about it! It's healing!" he says, as he covers it with one hand.) used to be bright purple and contained to what could be an eye shadow area of his eyelid. Yeah, flamboyant eye shadow (especially for a four-year-old), but still. Now it is fading, but turning all kinds of fun colors. It's also spreading under his eye and down his cheek.

* I took my dog to the vet today because she's been peeing all over the carpet. Turns out she has a UTI. Turns out you treat that in dogs with a $90 antibiotic. They couldn't get her to pee, and they didn't want to have to get it with a needle, so they asked me to try. I felt like the totally awesome dog whisperer when I took her outside, said "Go out!" a couple of times and she peed. I was also really happy that I wasn't the vet tech who had to swoop in with a tray to catch the pee.

* More vet stuff: They did a blood panel on her, but forgot to take blood. So I had paid, taken her home, and was halfway to the pet store to buy her pig ears when they called to tell me I should come back. Quinn and I continued to Petco (Seriously, it's better than the zoo, although most of their hamsters looked like they had some pretty bad eye infections.) Then we had to drag the dog back to the vet. The manager there felt really bad and gave us two free bags of dog biscuits for our trouble, which effectively negated the reason I had to go to Petco in the first place. Oh well. Free is free.


  1. Cats must be different. When they want urine from one of my cats they "express the bladder". Unless they are lying to me. :(

  2. A needle? That hurts to event think about!

  3. Aww, poor puppy.

    I love tattoos. I have 7 and will be getting more someday. I'll eventually have a sleeve. I'm not to concerned with hiding them as I have one on my hand and one on the back of my neck....I guess to each his own though right?

  4. e did the same thing yesterday, she decided she wanted to buy a lunch and "forgot" she was cold lunch. Good thing I pre-paid some lunches. Now, I just hope she doesn't do this everyday! She, BTW, skipped into school with a big smile yesterday - no tears. Of course, she also said it's because there's a boy in her class and "she's soooo in love" - (said while making goo-goo eyes). Did I mention she's only four? FOUR!!! Shoot me now!

    When Moe was 2-3, we spent one day a week at the local pet store. They would let her take out an animal of her choice to play with and eventually even took her to the back room where they keep the newborn animals.

    Now, as long as Quinn doesn't turn to Alex while out in public and say "why do you always have to hit me so hard?" Seriously, Moe uttered that once. Apparently while I was out, she and her dad were playing punch-out for the Wii and there, he hit her much harder then she hit him.

    Now if you excuse me, it's 8:05, we need to leve for school in 10 minutes, no one's dressed and Einey is still sleeping. Day 6 - not off the the best start....

  5. Compromise on the tattoo issue...ankle bracelets!

  6. How can they forget the blood?! Isn't that, like, the whole point?! Sheesh. Nice about the doggie cookies, though, and I'll bet they're the healthy kind, too.

    The kids and I love the pet store. Our Petco has better animals than the Petsmart, but we go to both depending on what we need.

  7. Those pigs ears could be giving her the UTI. Pigs ears often contain salmonella and other nasty things. I really don't know how they manage to legally sell them. My husband spent thousands on his Jack Russell with UTI's skin issues and behavorial problems that all stopped when he stopped giving him the pigs ears. Read this site: http://www.canadasguidetodogs.com/health/nutritionarticle12.htm and then ask yourself if you really want to even have them in your house!


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