Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Stimey Moment

It has come to my attention recently that I have become the poster child for somewhat chaotic parenting on insane outings. I think I've been working my way onto that poster for a while, but if anything, my status was cemented by this summer's trip to the U.S. Capitol Building.

It seems that when any of my readers have a particularly harrowing adventure, me and my unruly brood often pop into their minds. And then they email or tweet to tell me about it.

This may seem a dubious honor, but I have to say that after some thought I am totally okay with owning it. Because although we are often on the brink of disaster, only rarely do we fall over the precipice. And if I can remind parents who are in the middle of one of these insane outings to keep their heads up and try to remember to laugh instead of cry, then great.

Because that's kind of become my motto: laugh or cry. And I am almost always able to remember to laugh. And if I can emphasize the funny and the good and make some of you laugh by writing about it, so much the better.

(Let's not try to think about the fact that because I'm so busy laughing while on these outings, my parenting suffers and I forget to parent, thus making the situation that much more chaotic. M'kay?)

So, stay tuned for tomorrow's post when I will present to you yet another Stimey Moment. Now with waterfalls!


  1. Can't wait to hear your story! I do often think of you and your parenting when I'm striving to be a better are so cool under pressure and so so good with your kids!

  2. There are a few bloggers/parents I'd be proud to emulate; you are up in the top! :-)

  3. Wait a minute -- are you raising our expectations -- or lowering them?

    Can't wait to hear tomorrow's story.

  4. Can't wait to read it - yes, we are ALWAYS on the brink. We are that family.

  5. Ack...I'm one of those commiserating emailers. I didn't mean to insinuate chaotic parenting. It's just how life and I've totally co-oped your laugh or cry MO. ;-)

  6. Wait - has anyone said it - can I be the one? You mean people are thinking of you as in "I just pulled a Stimey?!?!?"

    I love it! You could be immortalized!

  7. I hope it involves a camouflage sweatshirt!

  8. I doubt that you ever forget to parent!
    Also, just btw, 'parent' didn't used to be (sic) a verb when I was growing up; however it is now. I'm adapting to new vocabulary. Truly!

    I look forward to the next update... and while you don't know me, I'm not following your blog or anything. : ) Well, ok, occasionally.


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