Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stimey, Now Available for Speaking Gigs

I'd been waiting and waiting for yesterday to arrive for quite a while because I was going to get to do something that I hadn't done before.

"What could Stimey have done yesterday that she hasn't done before?" you might be asking yourself. And if you've been paying attention here, your answer might be, "Did she volunteer at her kids' school and remember to not curse in front of the children?"

Well, yes, I did, but I did that on Tuesday, not yesterday.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak on a panel about social media for the Immunization Action Coalition. And, oh, was it fun. Seriously. I and my fellow panelists had a room full of people listening to us talk about things that I am obsessed with but that my real life people get bored of hearing about after about 16 seconds.

I think I did all right. The audience was mostly full of immunization and medical organizations looking to get involved in social media, so I was able to share some tips about how to get in touch with bloggers, and specifically mommybloggers. (In this crowd, as in my own personal world, "mommyblogger" is not a derogatory term.)

But don't worry. This isn't a post all about how awesome I am and how I rocked my panel. I'll include some Stimey buffoonery for you too. For instance, when the moderator, Val Jones, sent out an email to all of us with links to our online bios, I was particular pleased about how I came across. See, the other panelists (Shaun Dakin, Dawn Crawford, and Steven Novella) all had these lovely photographs and lists of their credentials and press appearances on their websites.

My bio includes the following sentences: "Stimey enjoys reading, writing, videography, zombies, Bob Dylan, and most things pop culture. She also has an extreme and inexplicable love of gerbils..."

Good times.

Oh. Also? When we were speaking, Val put our websites up behind us on the big screen in the room. And mine? Showcased my last post, which, if you remember, was all about how Sam was a jerk to a three-year-old.

Again. Good times.

Anyway, I think I did a good job, and I hope that the attendees got something of value from what I said. I sat in on most of the other speakers and really enjoyed them. I especially enjoyed Geoff Livingston's presentation. Plus I got to meet some wonderful people and learn about some interesting organizations and ideas, for example Families Fighting Flu and GAVI, which are both doing some great work in the immunization field.

Also, I was introduced to the Jenny McCarthy Body Count website, which I had not seen before, but pretty much sums up my feelings about her.

Plus, the conference gave me an excuse to buy me some pretty new shoes, which you can't see in the following photo, but which did not cause me to trip until after the conference when I was walking back to the Metro, which I consider to be a smashing success.

So to recap: It turns out that I'm not as public-speaking phobic as I thought I was. AND if you need a speaker about social media, autism, mommyblogging, zombies, or gerbils, I'm your gal.


  1. In about 20 years your kids will read this and be shocked that you were actually actually extremely cool. You are amazing (but the Smackdown in the Background is really funny)!

  2. Way to go! You continue to rock out loud. And if Sam wasn't already going to feel bad enough about that post some day this pretty much cements it.

    My husband recently said, totally out of the blue, "I'm not sure we should keep vaccinating the kids. I just read this article about how it can cause autism. Like, amish people don't vaccinate their kids and none of them are autistic!"

    I smacked him in the head with my laptop and demanded that he educate himself. Thanks for all the cool links you posted because now I'll have some more places to point him to.

  3. I just had to link over to the Jenny McCarthy Body Count site. What scares me more than her believing herself to be an expert is that even dumber people find her credible.

    I think you should host a breakout at BlogHer next year.

  4. I am stunned to learn that was your first speaking engagement of this type! You were so polished, I would have thought you did it all the time.

    It was a treat to get to hear from a real live blogger. It's good to know we can come to the campfire as long as we bring a pan of brownies.

    I'd love to bring you in again if we get a chance to do another one of these! You are awesome!

  5. Good for you! I'm glad it well. And for those of us who have kids who have been mean to 3 yr olds, we appreciate you.

  6. Sounds like you were awesome! Congrats! Our school's Career Day is in the spring...Perhaps you'd like to come! You can add volunteering at someone else's school and not cursing to your list of accomplishments. And yes, you could talk about gerbils, zombies, autism, and mommyblogging!

  7. You did a great job! :) (I was there representing Orange County, CA) Your perspective is a very interesting one, and one that needs to be heard by all these parents who are on the fence re: immunizations.
    Thanks again!

  8. I have been on a couple panels, and loved it eventhough I hate public speaking. I felt like "finally I can say stuff that other people might find interesting! Or if they don't find interesting, they have to listen to me anyway! Woohoo!" I've gotta a proposal for you if I can get myself to type it up first....sigh.

  9. Rock on!

    i may be in need of a gerbil expert in the future if youre game.

    oh, and um, i nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award. Whaa? never heard of it? yeah, well, me neither. but lucky you - i like youre blog a LOT a lot... so you're nominated. do w/ it what you will ;) - check out the rules of engagement and the good stuff i say about ya at

  10. I'm the worst friend ever. I still haven't asked about our big day!! Whoops. I guess it went alright.

  11. Awesome! I always feel like I hate public speaking, but I had to take a speech class for school, and I found out that there's sort of a rush behind speaking in front of others! Maybe you should do it more often!
    By the way, I gave you an award on my blog! Go here to check it out:

  12. I think you should come to our SpEd Parent Advisory Committee meeting and talk about gerbils. It would be more useful and entertaining than what we usually do.


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