Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Wonder if John McCain Cried Too

Today was my scheduled day to volunteer in Sam's classroom. I don't know why, but Thursdays seem to be the day that all the good stuff goes down in the second grade. Last week I got to be there for the class butterfly release party, at which the class released the butterflies they had raised from caterpillars.

The fact that those butterflies were likely murdered days later by the cold weather is mostly irrelevant.

Today was class election day. Sam has been talking about this for days. The kids had spent the week making speeches and campaign posters. Today they voted. Sam wanted to know if I could vote. I think he really wanted to win.

All the posters were hanging in the hall when I got there. Sam is so much more coiffed in his poster than in real life.

Like I said, I think he really wanted to win.

The teacher seemed a little bit stressed about the whole thing. She was well aware of the agony of defeat that was coming. Evidently the class president thing is part of the second-grade curriculum, but she was obviously dreading announcing the winner and breaking a bunch of little hearts.

I was in charge of counting the votes.

I'm not going to say that there was any election fraud, but my being in the classroom just might have kept Sam at the forefront of some little minds. He won with a staggering four votes!

He was so happy.

But a couple of the other kids were so sad. Especially one in particular. He was crying as the other kids were lining up to go to art. I felt so bad for him. Sam does have a fair amount of anxiety about school, but for the most part, things come really easy to him. I almost wanted to force Sam to abdicate his new title.

Of course, even though I'm not sure about the rules of Second Grade Class President Elections, I'm pretty sure that even if abdication were legal, it would have resulted in the absolute devastation of my sensitive little Sam.

But I was still left with the dilemma of how to get this sad little kid to art. His teacher was leading the rest of the class out of the room so I tried to take his hand and lead him out too, but he resisted. And if it were my kid, I would have just dragged him or picked him up, but suddenly a bright red light went off in my head with the following words flashing underneath it: "ILLEGAL RESTRAINT! ILLEGAL RESTRAINT! DON'T TOUCH THE CHILD!"

Which is usually a pretty good rule to go by when you're at a school, I think.

Eventually it all got sorted out with additional staff, some hugs, some more tears, a drink of water, and me, your goonball host, nearly bursting into tears because I just cannot watch someone else cry.

Now I'm off to clean my house and enjoy the last couple hours I have before Sam comes home and starts insisting that everyone in the house refer to him as Mr. President.


  1. Oh, poor little sad boy! But, yay, Sam! Daughter A, then very shy and quiet, ran for the 2nd grade town council of Beartown. I was so relieved when she won. Now she is majoring in politics- this could be the start of Sam's political future. He can be future President Jack's Chief of Staff.

  2. I am so happy for Sam! You couldn't have paid me to be there today. Same thing; all those sad, anxious little faces. I would have been in tears myself.

  3. Yeah, I'll bet McCain cried, too. Too bad he didn't have Obama's mom there to help him get to art class. ;-)

    Ok, ok, snark aside...YAY SAM! Just remind him to be a benevolent dictator. Coz' if you think there's any democracy on the playground...Bwahahahaha!

  4. Congrats Sam! How exciting for him!

  5. Awwww. I feel for that little one. I am a cry-er and I have one, too. So sweet and sad.

  6. Maybe he'll get the nobel prize.

  7. What an exciting day- enjoying your blog.

  8. Yes the other little boy was sad, it's hard at that age. But I'm still glad they allowed a defined winner. Real life. And Sam won! What's better than that!

  9. Yay, Sam! What an honor for his friends to elect him as president. Audrey was elected vice-president of her second grade class last year and she was so happy about it. My father-in-law still calls her "Vice President" or "VP." I guess the election really is a part of the second grade curriculum.

    I do feel bad for that other little boy. Poor guy.

  10. Awww... little kids wear their hearts on their sleeves, don't they! Someday he'll look back on that day and laugh about how broken hearted he was at not winning the second grade election! I'm glad you were there to help comfort him, though!


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