Sunday, October 4, 2009

Rules to Live By

The other day I removed a list of "house rules" from my refrigerator. This list had included items such as, "No yelling," "Work as a team," and "Remember that you love each other."

I didn't think that the rules had had much of an impact on anyone in my family, due to their being rampantly and frequently flaunted. But within hours of my removing the original list of rules from the fridge, Sam had written up a new list and posted it on the fridge.

I now present to you Team Stimey's House Rules, by Sam:

20. [This didn't fit at the bottom of the page, so it gets to go first.] Do what you are told.

1. No teasing.

2. No winning. [I have a sneaking suspicion that this is supposed to be "No whining," but I kind of like that the household bar has been set extremely low.]

3. No fighting. [Which goes well with the "No winning" rule, because no one wants to always lose a fight.

4. No video games until after 5 o'clock. [This is one of my rules. Notice Sam was careful to not write "p.m." on the page.]

5. Play nicely.

6. Be nice when you have copmoney. [This refers to "company," not bribes.]

7. No making people say something. [My kids all regularly give each other scripts to repeat ("Quinn, say, 'Thirteen hours in a suitcase with a farting dog!'"*), which I find endlessly annoying. Evidently Sam does as well.]

8. No calling names.

9. No force powers at the table. [This refers to Jedi force powers. This rule is reminiscent of one that Sam added to my very first house rules list years ago: "No throwing toast." Which is really a timeless rule if you think about it.]

10. Follow directions.

11. No hitting.

12. No burping. [Thankfully, that has almost entirely gone away. Knock on wood.]

13. No slapping. [I think Sam was starting to reach for things to fill the remaining lines on the page by this point.]

14. No hurting. [Whether this refers to not hurting other people or not feeling pain remains unclear.]

15. No kicking. [It's starting to sound like I run a fight club in my basement, huh? But, if you'll remember, the first rule of fight club is "don't talk about fight club." Our first rule is "no teasing." It's a subtle difference, but it's there.]

16. No whacking. [No comment.]

17. No spitting.

18. Be a good boy. [A-fucking-men.]

19. Obey.

It's a good list of rules, huh? Anyone want to lay down a bet on how fast Mr. Smirky McSmirkerson below breaks each and every one of them?

* I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.


  1. So excellent!

    We don't actually have a rule against force powers at the dinner table, but we have a no shooting rule.

  2. OMG, I should *not* have read this while drinking a cup of coffee. Fortunately, it was tepid and didn't hurt too much as it went up my nose when I read Quinn's script!

    Oh, and I must agree with Lady M's rule about no shooting. It's just good form not to shoot each other! LOL

  3. This is awesome, he is such a sweet boy! I wonder if Jack and Quinn's rules would be different??

  4. Watch out for that Sam. He may say no Force at the table but I'm betting he's not above using the old Jedi mind trick to skip the vegetables...'these are not the peas you're looking for...'

  5. But if he can't through toast, how will you introduce him to teh Rocky Horror Picture Show? *sigh* I guess it can wait.

  6. I love it when kids set their own boundaries. Totally cool that Sam noticed the previous rules were gone. And he does look like Mr. Smirky McSmirkerson.

  7. Joeymom! OMG, toast! I'd forgotten all about that.

  8. Wow, those rules could totally work in my house!

  9. That is the best rule list I have ever seen.

    I really like 'copmoney' instead of 'company.' And 'no winning' is an amazing rule to live by.

  10. Because of you, I regularly say Blankey McBlankerson. I thank you and my future teenage children thank you.

  11. I like just the "obey."

    SO MUCH you could do with that...

  12. Is that list copyright? 'Cos I would love to put it up on my own fridge!

  13. yeah, but if you can't use force powers at the dinner table, how on earth do you pass the salt?

  14. so freaking funny. I love, love it.

  15. Hi! I am new to your blog. I stumbled upon it while looking up info on PDD-NOS blogs. I have a son who just turned 3 a couple weeks ago and I suspect he might fall in this category. I can totally relate to your post about finding out what the diagnosis was on your own son. We are currently in the works (very early works) of getting our son evaulated - but I know my gut pretty well. I would love to chat more.
    I am over at

  16. I love Sam's rules... especially the last one! OBEY! Sarah and I made a list of rules for our house a few weeks ago, which included such rules as "No setting fires," "Bring back our TV" (which Jimmy stole when he stormed out) and "No pooping on Nicki's blanket!" Unfortunately we wrote it on the dry-erase board, and one of the kids erased it!!!

  17. This is awesome. Matt and I just killed ourselves laughing over it because of course if I'm laughing that hard he needs to be in on the joke. Mr. Smirky McSmirkerson did an excellent job!

    Our guests always love an old list of rules on our fridge that were written out for babysitters. It's all nicely written in pen and then there's this scrawled pencil rule added hastily at the bottom: "No sticks in the bath."

  18. I love this. One of our house rules is "No licking prisms."

  19. I love all of the guidelines / rules, and especially 'no teasing', 'no fighting', 'no winning' (corporate person here), and no throwing toast. And all the rest.
    You, and your children, are so wise.


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