Friday, October 30, 2009

Scary (Pretend) Halloween (II)

(Super) Scary Thing #1:

The very scariest thing about this Halloween (oh, please, let it be the scariest) was when I got a call from my sister-in-law, S, yesterday to tell me that my sister was in the hospital for complications from H1N1.

That was scary enough, but then a couple of hours later S called back and started using words and phrases such as "blood pressure bottomed out" and "unresponsive" and "blood clot" and "ICU."

Fortunately, the latter two didn't pan out and she's back at home now. But, oh my god, I don't think I've been that scared since Loon Day. Especially since she's in New Mexico and I couldn't even be there for moral support. My fingers (and toes) are crossed that she continues to improve. And rapidly.

Thank you to everyone who was on Twitter last night and sent good thoughts to my sister and me. Ann, the interwebs are pulling for you. As am I. Feel better soon. Please.


(Sorta) Scary (But Highly Annoying) Thing #2:

I almost burned my house down this morning trying to make toast for Sam. I, somewhat obviously, need to work on my cooking skillz. We were all happily in the TV room watching the cast of the Today Show dressed up as Star Wars characters when Sam walked into the kitchen to get his shoes and yelled, "Mom! There's smoke everywhere!"

And he was right.

That's the culprit circled in red right there.

I will say that I can trace the smoke trail all the way back to, and place the blame squarely upon, my dog. If she hadn't eaten Sam's pancakes, then he wouldn't have asked for toast, and I wouldn't have tried to make it, a job I am obviously unqualified to do.

I'm pretty sure we caught the toast seconds before it burst into flames.


Consequently, I spent the entire day smelling like burnt toast and apologizing to everyone that stood within three or four feet of me. And don't get me started on how my house smells. Oy.


(Mutant) Scary Thing #3:


You might not be able to tell from the photo, but this wasp (and his buddies) is an inch and a half long. These weird, huge wasps have recently shown up at our back door.

What. the. hell. are. they?


(Not) Scary (at All, But Rather Totally Adorable) Thing #4:

Pretend Halloween II, Elementary School Edition was today.

Jack represented the dark side with style and pizazz.

Sam was a serious, stoic Jedi. I didn't get a photo of him smiling until we got back to his room and he saw all the snacks.

And Quinn totally scored because he got to go to both Sam and Jack's parties.


And it's still only October 30.


  1. The wasp thingy might be a European Hornet. Hard to tell from the picture, but the size sounded about right. Google a picture of one and see if yours look similar. If they are European Hornets you don't really need to worry... they don't sting. They tear the top layer of bark off small trees and drink the sap underneath.

  2. Wow, I'm so glad that your sister is doing better ... fingers and toes crossed for a quick recovery.

    But stay away from that toaster!

  3. OMG!!! That is alot of smoke! I didn't quite picture that. Also, Jack and Will are going to MATCH! Squeee! Double Darth Vader, double the fun!

    Also, Ann, if you read these comments, you gave us quite a scare. I'm glad you're back home with your family.

  4. Happy Halloween to your awesome crew! I'm so relieved your sis seems much better. And perhaps you should consider cold cereal breakfasts? :-)

  5. So scary about your sister. Does she have any underlying medical issues? Healing thoughts for her speedy recovery.

    I always knew cooking was dangerous! God that smell is going to stay around a while! Get some Febreeze.

  6. Happy Halloween to one of my favorite interweb families!!

    I'm with Jordan, cereal is the way to go from now on. And so glad to hear your sister is recovering.

  7. So sorry that you're sister is sick, hoping she'll make a quick recovery! We had those wasps two summers ago and had to have a pro come and get rid of them, but I'm surprised they'd be around this far into fall. Your boys all look so great!!

  8. It should be obvious to everyone that this post needs just some minor editing, at which point it could easily be marketed as a children's book with the title "If You Give a Dog a Pancake". Yes, even the bees and H1N1 get parts. But not Alex...he apparently was no help at all.

  9. That is so scarey about your sister. I am glad to hear she is doing better!!! I am sending good thoughts your way! Happy Halloween and may the force be with you all.

  10. #1 EEK! foolowed by WHEW!
    #2 GASP, CHOKE, HACK! (Seriously, if your house still smells like bunrt toast, burn a few candle, even plain ones, to dissipate the smell.)
    #3 HOLDY F-ING HELL, that's huge! Major props to you for even taking a picture!
    #4 Quinn's the consummate opportunist! ;-) But, sereiously, what Kristen already said...Happy Halloween to one of my fave interweb families, too.

  11. Scary stuff for your sister! I'm glad she is doing better. Please stay healthy, Sister o Stimey.

    That wasp might also be a cicada killer. They tend to nest or burrow or something near sandy areas. They also don't normally sting but are FREAKY.

    Also, I have had many toaster incidents. I think it is the most hazardous household appliance. Yay to Sam for saving the day! Next year, he should be a fireman for Halloween. Or at least Fake Halloween.

  12. That stuff about your sister is TOO SCARY, like Pet Cemetery.

  13. Oops! You reminded me - I need to put the battery back in the smoke detector from the last time I cooked!

    Hope your sis is doing better, and I totally envy Quinn for getting to go to both parties!

  14. Glad your sister has improved, your house is still standing, you've not been eaten by those wasps (clearly sent by satan), and that your children remain cute and salvaged what could have been a tragic day.


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