Thursday, October 29, 2009

Why, Yes, Today IS Pretend Halloween.

For all of you who were saddened by Quinn's harsh economics lesson yesterday, rest assured that he has recovered nicely.

And you may have laughed to hear Quinn ask about Pretend Halloween, but actually today was Pretend Halloween. Or, alternately, Day One of the Three Never-Ending Days of the Great Candy Orgy Halloween.

Quinn's preschool class had their Halloween Parade today, although it is more of a Halloween Stand Around and Let the Parents Take Your Photo Event.

Quinn was a Jedi.*

I think he looks a little bit like a Jawa, but don't tell him that or he'll get really, really mad at you.

Damn, that kid is cute. I spent a lot of time looking at him today and being proud of him. He's an amazing kid.

At the end of the day, all the kids were sent home with chocolate cupcakes with bright yellow frosting. I had to put a towel over Quinn's white Jedi pants.

Coming tomorrow: Pretend Halloween II, The Elementary School Edition.

* (Okaaaaay...why does Firefox's spellcheck recognize "Jedi" but not "Asperger's"? Or "spellcheck" for that matter?


Also, thanks to Whirlwind who sent the most awesome Halloween package ever to my kids. Costumes included.

That's some good stuff right there.


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  1. Jedi are awesome!

    Tomorrow morning is costume day at Q-ster's preschool. Actually, they're only supposed to wear their costumes for the first 20 minutes of class and then parents are to take the costumes home. We'll see how that goes . . .

  2. You are one brave mom to let Quinn eat that cupcake in the car!!

  3. I thought of the Q-ball yesterday when I was at the Reading Terminal market in philly---one of the book stalls was selling $3 Obama bills. ;-) My kids are amped up for day 2 of the halloween thing tomorrow; I'm kinda hoping it rains!


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