Sunday, November 15, 2009

Come to Think of It, Art Has Always Been Kind of a Problem

I left my kids unsupervised with some paint for a few minutes yesterday. Then I walked into the kitchen to find the following:

Quinn's idea of art:

Jack's idea of art:

This took me back to the days when Jack was in his two-year-old class at his preschool. He was a sensory seeker even back then. His teacher was a saint and regularly gave Jack's class of ten two-year-olds paint to go crazy with.

Inevitably, Jack's painting would metamorphose from brush painting to finger painting. Then the paint would edge up his arms until it covered him from finger tips to elbows. Then he would rub his hands all over his hair.

I swear, his teacher had to wash his hair every single day. And she did it with a smile and a laugh—after she would take him through the three-year-old class to show of his self-painting art skillz.

Ah, memories. Good ones.


  1. That's funny, how unalike kids can be.

    All hail the power of genetics! :)

  2. Aww, I have one of those. What's even worse is when you go to get her undressed and then find that she also painted her entire belly! Chalk works the same way.

  3. Somewhere we have a picture of Gremlin with his faced painted half blue. We called it his Braveheart phase.

  4. What a great teacher! Kudos to her, to let him be HIM and deal with it all. :)
    Oh, and paint is forbidden here. I'm a baaaad mom. ;) LOL

  5. Art on paper, good. Art on skin - washable, good. It all ended well!

  6. My sensory seeker is exactly the same. Oliver can't be left alone with paint for even seconds. He only needs an eye blink's time to get his hands in the paint. A full head turn would put that paint somewhere on his body. Leave the room for a moment and expect him to be gone (with the paint) when you return. There is no relaxing in this house...

  7. Talk about getting "into" your art. He'll surely be famous with stuff hanging up at art galleries someday.


  8. I've gone back and looked at a couple of old entries and came to a fascinating conclusion. I think we have the exact same kitchen.

    xo, SG

  9. LOL... That is definitely Little Bear, too! I remember one of the first times I did art with them, I made puffy paint from shaving cream and glue and food coloring. I went to change the baby's diaper (Pufferfish was 10 months or so then) came back, and found Little Bear covered from HEAD TO TOE with the paint! Which wouldn't have been SO bad, except that it had GLUE in it! Sometimes I make them body paint, but often I have to specify, "This paint is only for our hands and our paper!" (We also have a picture from two summers ago when, given permission to put sunscreen on herself, Little Bear did a similar paint job on herself with the sunscreen!)

  10. Love painting-

    any way you do it :)


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