Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Tried Hard to Come Up With a Good Title About Recycling the Recycling Center Field Trip, But Nothing Worked. Clearly.

You probably don't remember this...

...but I took it when Jack's four-year-old class went on a field trip to the recycling center and Quinn missed the tour because he wouldn't wear the earplugs. Well Quinn is now in the same four-year-old class and today was the field trip to the recycling center.

Look familiar?

I'm pretty sure that Quinn has some sensory issues, and based on his consistent weirdness about things that go on or in his body, I wasn't entirely sure he was going to agree to wear the earplugs. But everybody was going in to the tour and I told him that he couldn't go in if he didn't wear the earplugs and so he popped them right in.

And then he freaked out whenever they fell out and started yelling about how loud it was. But I was wearing earplugs, so the screaming was totally not a problem for me.

Anyway, I was really proud of him. I spend so much time trying to reasonably explain things to Sam and Jack, both of whom don't respond well to reason (although Sam is getting better), so I was completely thrown by a kid who heard: If not A, then not B and accepted that he wanted B, so he would do A.

I'm really glad he did, because *I* think the recycling center is the coolest. Although rumor has it that it was smelly. But I have a cold, so I couldn't tell.

In this next photo, Quinn was pointing out that there was glass down below. He seemed pretty proud of himself for locating it.

I always learn fascinating things at the recycling center tour. And by "always," I mean "both times I've been there" and by "fascinating," I mean "fascinating." Did you know that in Montgomery County, Maryland, you can't recycle clear plastic berry containers? And you don't have to totally scrape all the peanut butter out of the jar before you recycle it? And that you shouldn't recycle the greasy half of the pizza box?

That last one resolves a long-standing argument that Alex and I have had. Take that, Alex!

I wanted to take lots of photos of the displays there that showed different materials in different stages of their recycling journey, but I was already the person there with the most obnoxious camera and the most trigger-happy picture finger, so I didn't.

Instead you'll have to make do with this:

Also, before you all start asking—because I still get this question in the comments on the last recycling center post—here is the information on tours.


  1. And just like that first trip to the recycling center...I didn't get to go! (and the field trips really are for me, right?)

  2. Very cute. Sounds like a fun field trip and thanks for the recycling PSAs!

  3. Dang, Quinn is getting so big, isn't he!!! The recycling center sounds like fun!

  4. Wait wait wait. Tell me more about the peanut butter jars. I've been assuming they needed to be not only scraped but WASHED, and I have been crabby about it every single time.

  5. Have you heard the one about the old man who visits the doctor, and says "Doc, I'm having this terrible problem with flatulence. I'm farting ALL the time. The good news is, though, the farts are silent and they don't stink. There, I just ripped one right now."

    The doctor pulls out a prescription pad and says "Here's some sinus medication and a referral for a hearing aid."

  6. So does this mean that I don't have to feel guilty about not always rinsing out the other sticky/messy stuff that I sometimes just throw in the recycle bin? I'm talking ketchup bottles, jelly jars, etc.?

    Oh and Gremlin (aka the loudest person on the planet) doesn't like loud noises. Oh the irony. I often wonder if it's sensory as well.

  7. fascinating. And the title of the post? Uh huh. That's like in the movie "Singles" where the dude muses "I don't have an act", and Kyra Sedgewick calls him out, "I think that, a) you have an act, and that, b) not having an act is your act." Yup.

  8. oops...I guess I missed the part about the pizza boxes because I just tossed last night's box into our bin this morning! Colin has sensory issues as well (couldn't go to the fire station last year) but our guys did great!

  9. When we went to the recycling center, my kids stuck the earplugs up their noses. (Who knew?) Because really? The smell was far more overpowering than the noise. I would say my house is typically louder. But not nearly as smelly.

    And also? The recycling center is the COOLEST field trip EVAR. We drove by it yesterday on the way to a doctor's appointment and I was totally tempted to stop by.

    (And? We have the same debate about the pizza box, but I never thought of cutting the top off. Now we can both win.)

  10. Oh, look how tiny Quinn is in that first picture! He's grown so much. Nothing makes you realize how quickly your kids are growing than comparing pictures of them taken at a recycling center. (Note to self - stitch that on a pillow.)


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