Friday, November 20, 2009

On Peanut Butter and iPhones

So. Recycling.

A couple of you wanted some further information on my bold statement that you don't need to wash out your peanut butter jars before you recycle them. Now you should remember that I am often a little hit or miss when it comes to "facts" and "truths," so you should take what I'm saying with a grain of salt. (Or a dab of peanut butter, if you prefer.)

What happened was that I asked the guy about things like mayo jars and peanut butter jars and if I needed to clean them out. And he said, "Rinsing them out usually doesn't do a lot of good, so use a spatula to clean them." And then he told me that metal recycling gets heated to 2000 degrees when it is recycled and eliminates all traces of labels and food, so you don't have to clean those out.

So I'm going to generalize that to say that you should try to get big chunks of food out of jars, but that it's okay if a little residue is left because the recycling process should take care of it.

And remember! I am totally making this up.

(Although I did check one or two websites that seem to back me up.)

Does anyone have actual information on the subject?


In other news, I am on my third iPhone in as many weeks. My original one stopped picking up wifi signals. So I took it in a couple of weeks ago and they had to give me a new one because the one I had was "unfixable."

Then, last night, one row of the keyboard stopped working in every app that uses a keyboard on my brand new iPhone. So I took it in and the guy was all, "Oh, it's probably just a loose cable. I'll go fix it." And then he came out a few minutes later to tell me that he had to give me a new one because it wasn't the cable and this phone was also unfixable.

I'm going to see how many iPhones I can go through before my warranty runs out.


  1. mmmmm, peanut butter...

    This is the second post I have read to day about peanut butter and we have NONE! And I am all laid up with the INJURIES and cannot go and buy some.

    Damn you.

    And I am totally jealous of your iphone. Moo has one and I still don't. :(

  2. my biggest problem with my iphone is that a lot of time when I press the end call spot it will blink but not end the call. All other issues go away if I sync it or do whatever with my computer/itunes...I'm embarrassed to say I have no idea what I actually do because I just plug it in and do not pay attention.

  3. For awhile, I wasn't even recycling my peanut butter jars because it took so much time and water to get them squeaky clean. Who knew? (Although the compulsive part of me is going to have trouble with this, I KNOW it.)

    Also, circumstances in our house are re-aligning that might make it possible for me to switch wireless carriers and GET! AN! iPHONE! And I can BARELY CONTAIN MYSELF!!!!

  4. Yikes! I still have my original iPhone, 1st generation. Knock wood. Never a glitch.

  5. I'm with Kristina. First gen, no prob.

    And you know, it never would have occurred to me to clean the peanut butter jar before tossing it. Like I did not 10 minutes ago...

  6. I'm with you - I rinse things out, but I don't freak out about these things. At most, I'll let a pb jar sit with soapy water in it for a day or so, or until it looks like I can just rinse it out without having to put my hand in there, because, ugh.

    A lot of people up here got duped into an iPhone, and surprise! AT&T is so weak up here, they can barely get a signal.

  7. And here I read "Peanut butter on iPhones". Which would have made total sense in either my house or yours.

  8. The folks at the recycling center in our county explained to me that the cleaning of containers helps the center be less attractive to rodents, roaches, and related vermin. So, not so necessary for the ultimate recycling process, but for the intermediate storage of said containers.


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