Monday, November 30, 2009


Yeah, sure. There's no way this is going to end badly.

I'm having flashbacks to the ants already.

If you weren't around for the Great Ant Debacle of Aught Eight, you can catch up with the following links:

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The main difference between these tadpoles and those ants, I think, is that tadpole corpses (or, lordy, FROG corpses) will be harder to get rid of.


  1. But they should be easier to find what with the stench and all. ;-) Looking forward to the story as it unfolds.

  2. you can always just flush them away...


    Also, if you have any tips on butterfly carcasses, I am happy to have them, because I have a mesh tent full of dead butterflies hanging in my dining room. I absolutely dread taking that tent down.

    We used growing butterflies to learn about life cycles, all the way to death. Thank God my kids are terribly jaded and that they got bored before the butterflies started dropping dead.

  4. Fear strikes my heart. Can't wait to read the next episode.

  5. Ooooh frogs are so much fun! We used to have frogs, had to give them away when we moved overseas for a while. Did not like having to purchase maggots for them in winter though. Felt wrong to pay for the horrible things! Summer was fine, just send hubby out to catch flies for them (it was before we had kids).

  6. Good god, woman. When will you learn? (Of course, I can't wait to hear more...)

  7. You so totally made me laugh with that.

  8. Hope they sent you tadpoles that know how to turn into frogs. My son got TWO - ALMOST ONE YEAR AGO - and a few weeks ago, one died, and the other staunchly refuses to turn into a frog. A lady at the Nature Center said that if they were bullfrogs, the process could take 3 years - but others take just a few weeks. Oh. Lord.

  9. Tadpoles?


    Although I am a little worried about the carnage I see in your future. And ... Kate says maggots?

    Yeah. That should go well.

  10. Andy's classroom teacher bought tadpoles for last year's class.

    They are still tadpoles. No one knows why they haven't turned into frogs yet.


  11. Oh I can't wait to see how this turns out! Are you putting them in your fish tank? Our goldfish ate our tadpoles last spring as an FYI so no flushing needed. Natural fish food!

  12. Colin got an ant farm last year for his birthday from my know, 11 months ago. But I have yet to send away for the ants--I'm just a little worried and reading your older posts didn't really reassure me. I think I'll wait longer but I'm excited to see your tadpoles!!

  13. Good luck :)
    This reminds me of 1 of my husband's favorite sayings-

    "What could possibly go wrong?!" :)

  14. Stimey. Seriously. I thought I warned you about this. Over 10 years ago my ex gave my kids a frog hatchery kit. We still have 2 frogs. They never die. Even if you only feed them every once in a while. You could have asked me, you could have had mine! Because God knows my kids lost interest in them as soon as they found out what was required to care for them. Sigh-h-h.

  15. And when they become frogs - make sure there is a lid on their home - or you will find dusty cat hair covered (at my house) frogs under the hot water heater or couch. But they won't be dead, OH NO! They wouldn't be that gracious! I am convinced they are going to live forever.

  16. You are a brave, brave woman. When I was a kid I used to go and find tadpoles, watch them change into frogs and then let them go.

    It's an amazing process and you are a great mom to let your kids discover this first hand.

  17. Hi, this does look very cool as a learning experience! Though I would probably just get the DVD version. :)
    One caution - (and I'm sure you know this) - it's impt to wash hands after any contact with the tadpoles' watery environment. Sometimes they have salmonella, but I'm sure yours won't.

  18. Thank you, Anonymous! Excellent point about the salmonella. I moved them off of my food-prep counter. Which is something that might have been obvious to most people, but not me. :)

  19. Oh, I'm glad to help wrt salmonella - better to be safe, I suppose.

    That said, I enjoy reading your blog. However, I am kinda concerned about the whole 'lurking' idea, as I follow a few blogs where I don't know the author.
    Is that a concern - seriously, I wonder if it is rude to read blogs where you don't know the author?
    Karen / anonymous / who doesn't have a blog :)

  20. Karen: I don't think it is rude at all to read blogs where you don't know the author. In fact, I think it is truly welcomed and appreciated by almost every blogger. I know that I started out as a non-blogger reading other people's blogs. Even now there are blogs on which I comment and blogs on which I lurk. I'm thrilled that my mom wants to read my words, let alone people I don't know. So thank you, Karen. I really DO appreciate you.

    And I appreciate that we have less of a chance of getting salmonella because of you too.


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